Lori's Minute

Friday, April 28, 2006

Mom was right

Now that I am older, I realize mom was right about a few things so today's top ten is

Top Ten Things Mom Was Right

10. Eat a good breakfast

9.You are what you eat

8. Money does not grow on trees (ok, that was dad)
7. There is always sumebody worse off than you.

6. It is always better to talk things out rather than hold it inside (Did not get this one until I was almost 30!)

5. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.

4. You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it. (took me awhile to get that one).

3. Do a job right the first time.

2. People who put you down have low self esteem so they do it to make themselves feel better.

1. You always get more when you give than if you did not give at all.


Family Update: Well, I am getting the castle in order for the arrival of Dr. John and clan. We've dropped the drawbridge, cleaned the moat, fed the dragons and will have a feast of pheasant and stale beer.

Ok, really I have mopped the floor (four year old swiffered) and stocked the fridge with soda and frozen pizza. (I'm not a good cook).

For those of you that read the blog yesterday, you know I did not do well on my eating but I am back on the plan. I think I will still be able to post a loss on Tuesday.

Have a good one!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Every once in awhile I like to do a top ten list. Years ago, my mother told me I only had one fault, I do not like people. She was actually being kind because I have several faults but this one is number one. Since I started my weight loss program a whole four days ago, now I am really hungry which leads me to being very grouchy and now I am taking it out on people I do not like. I am rafraining from the molesters and abusers because most people do not like them. So, today's top ten list is 'People I do not like.'

10. Those who cut in line. Would it be too much trouble to ask, 'Do you mind if I go ahead because I am really in a hurry?' I bet most people would oblige.

9. Those who do not follow common rules or laws such as the white cane law. I have a white cane and motorists are supposed to stop ten feet beyond to let the sight impaired person to pass. This rarely happens.Not only that, but I am also hearing impaired so I do not hear the cars coming. If they would follow the law, there would be no problem.

8. People who are easily offended and assume people are always talking about them. I had a friend when I was in college where I worked. She was beautiful and funny and I really liked her. But then, she accused me of talking about her to someone else but it never happened. After a couple years of this, I had enough. She was not worth it.

7. The single guy who complains about how high his property taxes are but buys the biggest house on the block. Get a smaller house! Same goes for the person who gripes about his car payment and gas prices and then you find out he drives a HUMMER.

6. People who assume since they feel a certain way, everybody must feel the same way. My dad is like this. He never thinks to call before he comes over and then gets upset if we are not home or if we are on our way out. He says he never minds when people drop in on him, so he thinks it is ok to do it to everyone else. He gets hurt since he is the dad, he should not have to call. My point is it may save time if you call and find out we are not going to be home, then you won't waste a trip.

5. Telemarketers who call and then get mad at me because I said "No" and they continue to talk. After the third time I have said "No" I ask if they misunderstood me or what part of 'No' do you not get. Now, I put the phone down and walk away.

4. People who blame everyone else for their lousy life but refuse to believe they have the power to change it. They do not even try to change it! In the end, everone is responsible for their own happiness.

3. People who gripe about their jobs but refuse to look for another one. At least look and see what is out there.

2. Parents who do not care about their kids. Why did they have kids if they do not want to watch them or care for them?

1. People who always talk about themselves, never ask how you are doing or seem to care and then wonder why you do not call or write anymore.

Tomorrow's list will be positive...maybe top ten things I Love about my life. (It is all about me, you know...I guess I could fall in to number one on todays list..oops!)

Hey, I'm not hungry anymore!

Have a good one.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Last night while I was out walking (4 miles!) HOH took the kids to the store. Later,while I was putting the items away I noticed there was a 'Cosmopolitan' magazine. Of course,I knew he would never let the ten year old get it but I had to ask, "Isn't Bree too young to get this?" He said, "They were ahead of me in the check out looking at the video games so they did not see it."

"So, why did you get it" I said as I was looking at the topics on the front cover.(Like I really needed to ask)

He points out the one that caught his eye and I point out to him that there are like five topics on the same subject on the cover.

Then I see one that says, "Are you turning him off?" so I ask if he got it because of that and thankfully he said, "Noooooo." .....Whew!

Anyway, I do not know when I am going to get to read all these articles without the kids around and at night time I am too tired!I guess he is reading it now so I will have to wait to find out the latest stuff anyhow. He is so funny...

Family Update: I am so happy people are joining me on the Post Your Weight Loss Tuesda. I am still trying to figure out how to do it and hopefully will have something by next week. Kristi sent me a link so I will check that out. I may just have everyone post their loss on their comments and then we will have a running total each week.

The four year old did alright in school today so that earned him the right to make dirt cups when we got home.(pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms).

We also found out Brett Favre is coming back for one more year to the Packers. I really hope this year goes well for him so he can retire on a good note. Now the sports people have something to talk about this week.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weight Loss Tuesday

Dr. John has 'Leave a comment Monday' so I am starting 'post your weight loss Tuesday'. Of course, I just started yesterday so I have nothing to post today except "Zero" which is better than gaining pounds. So, if you are thinking of starting a weight loss program and wish to join me on Tuesdays, please do. It will be interesting to see how bloggers from all different areas do.

This all started because I got on the scale on Monday (aka Get on the scale Monday) and FREAKED OUT! I know I have done poorly the last six months so I decided now was as good as time as any. I am going to have HOH take a picture of me today and then another one after 16 weeks so I can have a before and after picture just like on the commercials. C'mon, I know you want to do this!

Family Update: For those of you wondering how the four year old did in school yesterday, well, let's just say it was better than Friday but still had some issues. I had a good talk with the teachers and they made me feel better saying they have had much worse kids. So, we still have some time before school ends to work on some behavior issues.

The ten year old is fine, the HOH (hunk of husband) left for work a little sick in the tummy which is not unusual for him but he said he just read his father's blog which was about his father's honeymoon and, well, that would make me feel a little sick, too. Me, today I am starting my hour long walks with the lady I carpool with. It will be nice to walk with someone.

Have a good one and stop in every Tuesday with those numbers! I want to see negative numbers people!

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Goal for the Month

My dad called me last week and started telling me about what he has in his will and what he wants when, as he put it, "kicks the bucket". This may seem like an odd conversation but this kind on stuff does not bother me because as long as he is not talking about how much he paid for a head a lettuce at the grocery store, I'm happy.

First he said he decided he wasn't going to leave money to his employer of 25 years, a local college. "The hell with them!" he said. Then he said he wanted to be donated to science, then cremated and put in a cheap cardboard box.

"Whatever you want, Dad" I say."I just want you to be happy." He even has his obituary writtan out. It is a good thing because I do not know where he went to college or when he was in the service.

HOH and I need to do a will because even though we have nothing monetary at least it wouldn't have to go to probate and all that nonsense...it would be hard on the family so it is better to have one even if you have nothing to leave to avoid the whole court thing.(That is what I heard, anyway).

So, my goal for the month is to get a will done.

Dad and I also decided to take pictures of everything in our homes and swap pictures to keep in the safe so we will have documentation on everything in the house in case something happens like a fire or tornado. (Lately, I am thinking a tornado is more likely than a fire). He recently gave everyone a new safe (my dad is very practical) so I will keep his pictures in my safe and he will keep ours in his safe. I hope we never have to use them.

So, that is two goals for the month. That is pretty good for me! Whooo-hoooo, so much excitement in our household!!!! Ok...I'm done.

Have a good one.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Good Weekend

This whole blog is a Family Update: Yesterday we went to the zoo. We have not been there in awhile and they have gotten two giraffes, a male( cannot remember his name) and a female named Zuri not to be confused with Suri born to TomKat although the giraffe is just as cute. The best part was when we were all looking for the badger and the four year old was the one who saw him first and said, "There he is!" and the badger came out of the log and waddled down to the water. I was glad he got to spot an animal first.

Today we went to church and indicated in the sign in book that we would like to join. The four year old sat in church with us the whole time and did fairly well. Then we went on a shopping spree and bought some summer clothes during which we got a call from the sister-in-law who then met us for lunch. She has Oobi along (her hand she had surgery is in a constant puppet formation which is why I call it Oobi, a well known children's show that is primarily human hands).

Tonight we get to check the rocks in the rock tumbler to see how they are doing. They have been going around and around for two weeks.This may seem dull to you but we have been waiting forever it seems.

Tomorrow is a test to see if the four year old learned anything since his last school experience. He wrote an apology to the teachers and lost a few privilidges which he will get back when he does well in school again. Thanks to all who wrote and reminded me he is only four.

Have a good one!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Do not read if...

Do not read this if you are one of those people who do not like to read about mothers and their problems. (EXIT NOW....run for your lives! Come back another day!)

I have been waiting all week for something good or funny to write but I am comsumed with the reality I am a failure as a mother.

My four year old is not doing well in school (not listening, disrespecting the teachers, etc). The thing is, when it is just the family, he is fine. Anyway, since I am legally blind and mostly deaf, I am not able to do much but the one thing I thought I was doing fairly well was being a mom. Now,I am not so sure and it is bringing me down, I am eating all the time and I cannot seem to snap out of it.

Today, after another poor review from the teacher, I came home and called his father to come home for lunch and talk to the son who had been sent to his room. Dad came home and went up to talk to him, came back down and said he thought he got through to him but we won't really know until after school on Monday. We really thought he was going to have a good day today after our last talk and he lost some privilidges.

We know we have to crack down on both kids and being consistent so we have both decided not to let that go anymore. The problem is I grew up afraid of my dad and I do not want my kids to be afraid. I need to find a common ground where I can be firm and hold my ground but not have them be afraid.

The other thing is I do not believe the school has full control over the class so I am thinking if things do not go well Monday, I will keep him home from then on since there is only a month left of school. I have talked to the kindergarten teacher at the new school he would be going to in the fall and he has orientation May 4th so she will let me know what she thinks when she sees him. How do you get a kid to learn social skills if not at school?

I just needed to get this off my chest so I can re-energize and start thinking positive things again. Normally I do not let my disability get me this down, but I do feel if I had my sight and could drive we could have him in more social situations or we could have put him in a different preschool, one that has more firm rules etc.

Thanks for listening.

Family Update: You know most of it already! Dad and daughter are going to the Blizzard (indoor football) game tonight. I got an e-mail from my brother-in-law saying he is bringing the boys the weekend of the 29th so we are planning a water park day along with a train show with the grandparents from Crystal Falls (if they can make it).

Hopefully, I will have more interesting blogs in the next few days.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thanks to all who commented and hoped my son was feeling better. I think it helped because he woke up from his nap and felt better and ate a bagel. Whew!

I do not have much to say today so I will end with this:

We all watched the Spongebob movie where there is a scene where Spongebob puts toothpaste on the toothbrush and you think he is going to brush his teeth but he does his eyes instead(That's why they are so bright!). I made a mental note because I thought the four year old might attept to do this. Sure enough, the next morning as I was walking past the bathroom, I saw him putting toothpaste on his tooth brush. We had already brushed his teeth earlier so I asked was he was doing and he said "I am going to brush my eyes!"

I said,"Nooooooo, do not EVER put something in your eyes. It will hurt worse than when you get shampoo in your eyes."

"But Spongebob does it."

And then the greatest comment ever came from my ten year old eating breakfast in the kitchen, "Luke, you are NOT a sponge!"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Have a good one, people!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Laugh at death

Yesterday at church for Easter, the sermon was about 'laughing at death' so as I sit here I recall how my mom and I had a good laugh yesterday at her house. One of those laughs where you cannot even finish speaking a sentence because you are laughing so hard it makes it even funnier. Then I told the story to Pete in the car on the way home and he laughed a good hearty laugh that I have not heard in awhile. Here is the story...

I was helping my mom in the kitchen after dinner while Pete and the kids were playing Battleship ('You sunk my battleship!'). She was telling me I had some art stuff in the basement in a big box so she went and got it and brought it upstairs. I looked at the box and it was a vaccum cleaner box from when I bought my first vacuum for my first apartment something like 20 years ago.

Mom said, "Remember it only worked backwards?" (I am already chuckling). Then I recalled, "Oh yeah! It would shut off when I pushed it forward, but came on when I pulled it back! So, to keep it going, I would walking backwards continously, like one would mow a lawn only I had to walk backwards the whole time!

It was a good thing I did not have much carpet.

I was so silly and the worst part was I bought it brand new and should have taken it back but back then I was too afraid to return items.

THis may not be all that funny to you but to us, it was good to get a good laugh.

Family Update: We had a nice Easter weekend. I did some spring cleaning, Sunday the kids were up at seven and found all the eggs in about ten minutes. We went to church for the "Laugh at death" sermon then over to my mom's house for brunch. Back home, Pennie stopped in and shared with us the weekend she had in Crystal Falls.
This morning the four year old is not feeling well so I better go check in on him.

Have a good one!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Houston, we have a problem

I am not sure I want to finish this story since I only have two readers, but I do not want to them down so I will continue on.

So, let's recap. We met and we seem to have several things in common...we both order steak at an Italian restaurant, his house has the motions lights and a hot tub, we both have jobs and we both seem to somehow tolerate my brother. So, what's the problem? Well, let's just say it has to do with a previous realtionship where the guy thought I was his mother and wanted a spotless house and a meal cooked as well as his mother. The last time I cooked him a meal I asked him how it was and once again, he responded with, "It is not as good as my mom's". So I said, "Fine, you can eat at her house from now on." and I never cooked another meal. The thing is, his mother was living in Milwaukee!(hee -hee).

So, A week after we met, Pete finally calls me to ask me out for a date. It took him an hour to get around to it and I say I would like to but there was a problem and I wanted to confront it now rather that later. "What is it?" he asks, I can almost hear his hear thumping through the phone. I say, "I used to be in a relationship where the guy wanted a neat and clean house and I am not able to do that."

Pete says, "Ok, no problem" Most guys would have hung up since there was no first date yet and already I was concerned about it but I saw it as a HUGE problem and why bother going out if I know this problem exists?

I said, "Look, I saw your house and it was very neat and clean and tidy and I know you say that now it is not a probelm but I am telling you I am not going to change!"

I was lucky he did not start laughing but he said very seriously, "Lori, the only the reason the house is so clean is because I just moved in and my parents were here this weekend for New Year's. Normally I am a slob and if you saw my apartment before I moved here, it was terrible." He could tell I did not believe him so he said I could ask my brother because he had been to his apartment.

So,the next time I talked to my brother I asked him about it and he starts laughing because it was true, he is a slob!

So, we made arrangements to go out on a date and we were engaged three months later and married six months after that! (It helps that his father is a pastor and just wanted to get the son married off).

Family Update: Nice day today. I am cleaning the master bedroom which is taking forever because it has become the room to store all boxes of junk we do not know what to do with. Pete and the kids are outside playing football after watching the Brewers beat the Mets. We called and sang Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law.

Have a good one!

Friday, April 14, 2006

How we met, part 2

Continuing my story, on New Year's Eve I think I went to bed before midnight. The next day I get a call from my brother. He asks if I want to go out to eat with him and his girlfriend and by the way, "Pete might be there."

I am one of those sisters who is so excited her brother actually wants to spend time with her I do not even get what is going on. (The last time my brother asked me out to dinner was, uhhhhh...NEVER!) So, like a pathetic puppy who does anything the brother asks I say "Yes!" Plus, I had heard so much about this Pete guy he was already a member of the family.

To give you an idea about my relationship with my brother, my only sibiling who is two years older, the only way I spent time with him is when he needed some 'help' with an experiment. Such as the time when I was ten and he told me to come into his room (which I had never been in) and asked me to touch my tongue on a battery. I did and he kept asking me if it hurt. Then there was the time he added a passenger seat to his motorcycle and he took me for a ride and kept telling me to lean back on the seat to see if it was loose. Now I see he was trying to kill me, but as a kid, I was happy to do whatever he wanted.

Getting back to the story, my brother picks me up and we go to Pete's house. Immediately, there are two foreshadowing moments...the lights come on by motion (I have poor eyesight and this is a big help to me) and he has aa hot tub which he lifts the cover up on and there is a little yellow rubber ducky floating in it which makes me laugh. I love hot tubs and laughing. I would live in a hot tub if I could.

So, the dinner goes well even though it is a place we never went to again (we both had steak at an Italian restaurant so you can see our reason) and we all go home.

I get home and call a friend about it and she asks me if he asks me out, will I go and I hesitate because there is one problem and it's a big one which I will post in tomorrow's blog.

Family Update: Everyone has off from school and work today and it is going to be 80 degrees! Last night we had a terrible thunderstorm with hail and possible tornadoes. It was a long night waiting for it to pass which it did some time after midnight.

While the son got a hair cut, the daughter and I bought a birthday gift for her aunt.

Have a good one!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Before how we met

Before we get to the day we met, we have to go back a few months to the fall of '92. I was living with a girl who had a fiance who lived out of town so she was gone every weekend leaving me with her black lab, Coco. I loved this dog as my own. She was a great dog because she knew I could not see well and whenever I walked into a room, she would wag her tail which thumped on the floor so loud I could hear where she was and not step on her. She also barked loud when people showed up at the door unannounced.

I had pretty much had the conversation with God about having a special someone in my life and putting it in His hands because I did not want to think about it for awhile. I decided I was going to enjoy what He had given me so far. Meanwhile, at my mother's house for a visit, she told me about this guy my brother worked with, Pete. I had heard about Pete for two years but never met him which was unusual because he had been to the house several times to eat her famous chili with my brother on their lunch hour.

Mom started telling me what a nice 'fellow' this guy is. My answer to everything she was a typical response from a daughter who did not want to be set up by her mother.

"He just bought a car"
"Yeah, good for him"
"He just bought a house."
"He goes to our church."
"That's nice."

Fast forward a couple months later to New Year's Eve day. I spent this weekend like I spent most weekends, sleeping late, getting up and dressed to go rent a movie, drive thru a fast food place and then back home to take a nap while Coco tried to find a place on the floor amongst all my junk to lie down and protect me from any would be attackers.

Since I never leave the house without eyeliner, I quick put some on, a good winter coat and off I went to scrape the ice off my windshield. The wind was blowing so hard it caused my eyes to water and the eyeliner to run, but I did not care since I was not going to see anyone I knew. I never run into peoplt I know.

I get to the movie rental place and there is a news truck there but I do not worry because there is no way I will be interviewed looking the way I do so I head on in and go to the opposite side of the store away from the news team.

Two minutes later there is a tap on my shoulder and it is the news guy and he wants my opinion. I want to say "Go away and leave me alone!" but instead I look around and see twenty people who would love to be on tv and I say, "Wouldn't you rather interview someone else?" He says, "No, this will only take a minute and you probably won't even be on." I say "Ok" and he ask what my plans are for the night and I tell him my pathetic plans on watching a movie at my house and how I do not like to go out on New Years Eve because of all the crazy people driving who have been drinking. (Another way of saying I do not have a date and I am a LOSER!)

I don't bother watching the news that night but of course, at work the next day, everybody and their mother saw me. Who watches the news on New Year's Eve?

This is getting too long so I will post the rest tomorrow but I will say that I meet my husband-to-be the very next night!

Family Update: We ate easter cookies.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Mercy Date

The other night, HOH, the kids and I were looking for a place to eat. The problem was it was a Saturday night after five and in this area, that means at least a 30 -45 minute wait where you go. We had already been to two places and decided to keep looking (yes, we probably would have been sitting down at the first place had we decided to wait but I detest waiting). As we were driving, we went past a place called, The Prime Quarter, a place where you grill your own steaks. I asked HOH, "Remember we had our second date there?" and he said, "Ah yes, the mercy date." This was news to me because we don't remember much about our early relationship such as first kiss,proposal date, who said 'I love you" first, etc., but we both remember this date.

"The mercy date" he said matter-of factly"You know, I paid for the first date so I thought you were going to pay for the second date so you could say we were even and then you were going to dump me."

"WHAAAATTTTT????" (I always say that and not just because I am mostly deaf) "I did not know that! I remember it being a very nice date and I believe I was paying because it was your birthday."

He said, "But I did not know what your were thinking."

I said, "The only thing I remember is I wore a hat which I thought was cool but it was itchy and I could not take it off because then I would have hat head and the purse I was using that night was barely big enough to hold a toothpick much less a brush."

"Oh, well I thought you were going to say you did not want to see me anymore."

Man, I would have to be pretty sick to dump a guy on his birthday on only the second date.

We have not been back to that restaurant since.

So that was the mercy date, tomorrow I will write about when we first met at a restaurant we have not been back to since either. (I do not make my readers wait a week like some people...oh...just kidding Dr. John).

Family Update: The four year old and I made Easter sugar, cut-out cookies yesterday. He made it through two cookie sheets before he got bored and went to play. He did a good job using the cookie cutters, getting flour all over himself and eating the dough.He offered his play dough roller but then decided against it since he did not want play dough in the cookies (good thinking, son!).

Last night we went and got the ten year old a dress for Easter and a couple of shirts. I am really enjoying clothes shopping with her since I do not get to do it often.

Have a good one, people!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I am a little frustrated because I tried to leave some comments only to find I could not(Dr. John's) or I left too many(Kristi) so I am not commenting any more today and will try again tomorrow.

I am also a little frustrated because I had this great idea to talk about how I get all my ideas when I am in the bathtub (this idea came to me while I was in the bathtub, as well) only to find out someone else had the same idea!

But, maybe great minds think alike? Dr. John is the one who stole, I mean, also had the same experience and I recall from my ninth grade social studie class some old philospher (Socrates or Aristotle or somebody in the days when people only wore sheets wrapped around their bodies) was in the tub and came up with the answer of displaced water is equal to the volume of the object put in and yelled "Eureka!". I know several presidents and authors such as Mark Twain and Hemingway wrote while they were in the tub. Of course, they probably did not have showers in those days, but that is not the point! I suppose there were some infamous people who liked to take baths such as John Dillinger, but he probably came up with his bank robber ideas while in the tub.

Anyway, I was going to write about how great bath tubs are but now I won't, since somebody already did.

Family Update: We had a nice weekend. We went to Crystal Falls on Sunday. That is the great thing about kids, they came up with the idea to go see Grandma and Grandpa and we thought, "Why not?". HOH is in class all this week. I gave him the same lecture I give the four year old when he goes to school. "Listen to your teacher, no whining, and keep your hands to yourself!"

Have a good one, people!

Friday, April 07, 2006

TGIF and more on dreams

I had to blog again today because after I talked yesterday about my dreams and lack of a good nights sleep, last night I actually had some ok dreams that were not life threatening or upsetting so I woke up feeling not refreshed, but not with a racing heartbeat either. I'll take that anyday!(I forgot to mention yesterday the frequent 'going back to a previous place of employment why am I still doing this?' dream).

I had several last night but the dream I remember had to do with my family staying at a hotel and the hotel staff kept coming in every hour while we were trying to sleep to bring us something. Once, the guy brought us new doorknobs (I could take the psychological view on this because I call all by ex-boyfriends, 'Doorknob' but I choose to believe the guy was just exchanging doorknobs). Then there were bananas in the toilet. I am not going to even try to figure that one out!

Family Update: Luke did well in school today(I think) and the whole class got stickers because they did a great job picking up. Tonight we plan to watch "Chronicles of Narnia" dvd Pete purchased last week (I was hoping the Easter Bunny would bring it but apparently it couldn't wait). Breanna picked the book of the same name at the book fair last night.

Have a good one, people!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"I once read somewhere..."

I am one of those people who during the course of a conversation, feels the need to add my two cents worth by saying, "I once read somewhere blah, blah, blah..." I did not realize how annoying this is until I heard someone saying to someone else, "Do not listen to those people who are always saying they read something on it and now they think they are an expert."

But todays blog is not about that, but about sleep. I cannot seem to get a good nights sleep. I go to bed at a decent time but the problem is, I dream all night long so I wake up exhausted and feeling like I have not slept a wink. 'I once read somewhere' creative people tend to have many dreams. Since I graduated with a degree in art I consider myself somewhat creative and therefore I cannot sleep well.

My dreams fall into several catagories:

The serial killer chasing me (I get his one more than I should).

The tornado or several of them and I am trying to get everyone into the basement but my limbs feel like I have two ton weights so I cannot move.

The most annoying one which I have at least twice a week....the one where I am back in highschool and I either forgot my homework or cannot remember the combination to my locker. ('I once read somewhere' that this dream means I am stressed but I do not think I am.)

Why can't I have a dream of running through a meadow with my hair blowing in the wind, or sitting on a deck with my feet in the water, or how about chidren laughing? A dream about winning the lottery would be nice or being thin would really be great. I'd like to read about that sometime...dreams that we do not have rather than the ones we do have. I suppose I could look at it this way...when I wake up from these awful dreams I am so thankful it was only a dream and not my real life.

Anyway, the next time I have a nice dream, I will blog about it but do not hold your breath...'I once read somewhere' holding your breath can be hazardous to your health.

Family Update: The ten year old is very busy this week. She has flag patrol all week (raising the American flag and taking it down), she has a family reading night tonight which we are all going to attend, today is twin day in which she and a friend dress alike. THey chose to dress in Packer jerseys but she outgrew hers so she is wearing one of her father's jerseys...she looks so cute.

Speaking of Packers, my name was picked in the ticket lottery for a Packer game this season so I asked HOH(hunk of a husband) if he wanted me to send in the money and he said, "Of course!" I made sure he understood if I send in the money for the tickets, we may not eat for two weeks but he did not seem to hear me.

The four year old is having trouble adjusting to the time change, as we all are...we seem to be dragging this week. It is only an hour time change, I cannot imagine what people do when they travel all time amd have to adjust to several time changes a week. Uff da!

Have a good one, people!

Monday, April 03, 2006

God Gets a Night Off

Every once in awhile, I like to give God a night off from my nightly prayers to give him a break. Don't get me wrong, I still pray and give thanks, but I do not ask him for anything.

Normally, I do ask for things from God. I have the "umbrella" prayer where I ask he help "everyone in the whole world, oh, make it the whole universe or all the places you are in charge". Then I have the more specific prayers where I ask He help so-and so with an illness or someone close to us who needs strength to make it through a tough moment that occasionally occurs in life. I also have the selfish prayer where it is all about me...I want this and I want that. So, last night I gave God the night off to give him a break from all the asking I do and just thanked him for my wonderful family.

We had a good week, our family. We did not have any doctor's appointments or 911 calls. I did not get a call from the four year old's school (of course, he was home all week on spring break) and HOH had a good week at work. We hung out with my mom at the rock show, my mother-in-law had a birthday and my father-in-law is getting stronger and made up with his sister. We got to visit with my sister-in-law for too short of a visit.

Not only that, both kids made me very proud. First, the ten year old came home from school telling me how she overheard two boys at recess saying they were going to go after some kid so she followed them and told them to leave this boy alone. (This boy has a mild form of autism and my daughter has been his friend since kindergarten(sp?). She told them "I do not tolerate bullying and why are you being a bully?" They thought about it and walked away and then the bell rang. (Excuse me while I get a tissue from my proud mother box of tissues).

Then there is my four year old son. We were out and about and stopped at a gas station where my HOH picked up candy bars for all of us. When we got home, my son was eating his Hershey bar and I asked him how it was. He said it was very good and asked me if I wanted some of his bar. I said "No, thank you." and he said, "But, mom, you LOVE chocolate!"

So, God gets a night off and a big THANKS from me.

And all is right with the world.

Have a good one, people!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Being the wife of a guy who likes Hooters

I admit I am one of those wives who does not mind if HOH (hunk of a husband) goes to Hooters. I do not worry because of time he came home and said he and his buddies were all upset because the waitress kept talking to them while they were trying to watch the March Madness basketball games.

Then there was the time when they were building the first Hooters in Green Bay and every time we went past the construction site, HOH would say, "Hooters!". One day while the song'Who Let the Dogs Out?' was playing on the radio, my then four year old daughter sang, "Who let the Hooters Out?" as we drove past it. It was so funny because of the double meaning....we laughed!

The day my son was born, HOH called the guys at work and I heard him say, "Oh, I do not think I can go to Hooters for lunch today." But, I thought I had to shower and change rooms, the nurses were doing tests on the baby so I figured why not and told him to go ahead and go.(I never let him forget it, either!)

The do have good food...