Lori's Minute

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Luke-ism

This morning I asked Luke how he slept because I tossed and turned all night. He said "Ummm...I just tossed."

Pete's pet peeve is when people chomp while they are eating. Luke likes to get some item of food and then sit next to his father on the couch and chomp in his ear while his father attempts to play a computer game. Pete said, "I may forbid you to eat in here anymore and only allow eating in the kitchen."

Luke said, "Then you do not get to say "Who's chomping?" anymore! (Which is Luke's pet peeve).

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Tree

I finally did it....took the lights off the christmas tree and dragged the 12 footer out to the curb. The dog got out and ran around he was so happy in the snow and not being on a leash. He came right in when I told him to. Then my daughter and two of her friends came home and found four ornaments on the tree....amazingly none broke.

The last time I took the tree down was 1995...thirteen years ago. We almost did not have a tree that year because we were new parents and we were not going to be home anyway. A friend scolded us and said, "Breanna's first Christmas and you are not going to put up a tree?" So, Pete went down to the basement and brought up the artificial tree. We put one string of lights on it, hung the one ornament I got for baby's first Christmas, and put a homemade star on top my niece Danielle made for us the year before. The day after Christmas while my daughter napped, I took the star and the ornament off, grabbed the tree (with the string of lights still on) and dragged it to the top of the basement stairs, opened the door, threw the tree down the stairs, slammed the door and was done with it.

So now you know why I have not been allowed to take the tree down since then but Pete has been so busy at work, I've been getting enough sleep (mostly) I thought I could do it in an appropriate manner.

It took me an hour to get the lights off, there was a lot of water that came out of the base and onto the carpet but the tree is outside, at the curb, waiting to be picked up. I'm pretty sure it sighed a big relief I did not throw it down the stairs.