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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Do you have this phobia?

I have a phobia I am trying to overcome. I am not afraid of escalators like my mother or thunderstorms like my daughter but it is something I have had all my life. I am not sure what it is called but I will call it 'when can I go homephobia'?

No, it is not a desire to change partners, but when I am out of my house, I want to know when I will be home. For instance, when I went to my daughter's dance recital a few Mondays ago. I know I will see her in two dances and then we must wait until all the groups have danced before we can go home. The show starts at 6:30 and the whole time I am waiting for the show to start, I am thinking,"I wonder what time we will get to go home?" I always enjoy the performances but I cannot totally relax and enjoy the moment even though every other year we have gotten home just fine.

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Same thing happens at Christmas. We do the same thing every Christmas Eve, we got to church, then to my mother's and then home. The whole time I am supposed to be thinking about the true meaning of Christmas at church(except when I am singing the songs, I like that part and I'm always moved by the lyrics) and when I am at my mom's house watching the kids open their gifts, I think, "I wonder when we are going home?Are they done yet so we can go?"

I used to think I was this way because of my RP but now I think I would be this way even if I did not have RP. I can remember being a kid going to my grandparents farm and my dad getting upset with me because as soon as we got there I would be asking how long we were staying. It is almost as if I am afraid I will miss the boat and be stuck some place I do not want to be stuck.

I will work on getting over this phobia so I do not pass it on to my kids. Now, when we go someplace with my hunk-of-a husbands family, I let him decide so I do not have to think about when we are leaving. That way, I do not have to think about it and the last few times we have been to the in-laws, I was able to relax and enjoy myself. (I always have a good time until, you know, it is time to go...)

Family Update: Everyone is fine. We may go out for dinner...I wonder when we will be home?


Enjoy your day...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

While my hunk of a husband and I have made a small dent in our cleaning progress, I have noticed a few things about our family.

1. We are slobs.(always knew that)
2. We are lazy.(knew this too)
3. We like to have a lot of storage containers with nothing in them.
4. "Oh yeah, I was gonna make something with this so I'm still gonna keep it." is a common utterance.
5. "Who did you know in prison?" is another utterance, but not a common one, thank goodness.
6. While doing laundry there was a basket of folded clothes on top of the dryer. I called my husband and he said those clothes were dirty and needed to be washed. However, the basket of unfolded clothes were just out of the dryer and clean...huh?The funny thing about this is my daughter does the same thing, folds her dirty clothes to get more in the basket to bring them to the laundry room.

Family Update: Pete and I are feeling much better compared to last weekend. Breanna still has a cough and Luke had some days where he was so-so.

Luke was star of the day at his preschool on Friday so I was room mom and brought treats(choc. chip muffins which Luke helped make and milk). He brought his sister for show and tell.

I went to a craft store and bought items to decorate easter eggs. I have at least nine eggs blown out waiting to be decorated. I will make some hard boiled eggs for the kids to decorat.Also bought easter cookie cutters.

Pete and Luke went to the hobby store while I was at the craft store where Luke found a pirate's treasure chest he wants for his birthday so we put it on his list (he also wants a baby and that ain't gonna happen!).

Have a good one!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thanks John and Mimi!

Today I am combining two blogs I read to come up with my own. I am using Dr. John's box of memories (because I do not have such a box, I throw out all that stuff) and Mimi's blog about dead bodies in the woods.

When I was in college, I had an internship with the city planning office. My boss and I went out to look at some land for which I was to design a road layout. There are two things (actually three) things I remember about this day. First, the boss told me to wear hiking boots so I dug out my light blue, suede (no kidding) hiking boots my dad purchased for me when I was in high school but was too embarrassed to wear. Having never worn them, I did not know I would end up with the skin of my heels sliced off and losing enough blood to require a transfusion (almost). The kicker is we only walked about twenty minutes!

The second thing I remember (and this is rather disgusting so I apologize in advance) is the boss had severe allergies that developed and he blew his nose by shooting the phlegm from his nostril out into the field!

Third, getting to Mimi's blog, while we were checking out the woods, there was a huge pile of dirt...I would say it was about three feet wide, three feet high and about nine feet long.

Now, my first reaction was, "Oh my goodness, it is a body!" If I were a swearing person like my father, I would have used more colorful words, but I do not swear, and if I do , I always spell the words out.

My boss did not seem to think much of it, as if it was not out of the ordinary to see something like that in the middle of the woods. I should have been more wary of this because he was not getting along with his wife at the time.

When we got back to the office, I told my boss it was his duty to call the land owner and find out what it was. The next day he said he called and said it was a dog. I think it was way to big to be a dog and still think we should have called the cops.

I decided not to become a city planner, especially since my road design was replaced by a giant insurance building with huge parking lots.

Last I heard, the boss moved to Las Vegas to become a rodeo cowboy (no joke) and fits in well with Dr. John's blog about cowboys.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It has finally happened

I knew this day was coming...I did not know it was going to be today. I was hoping it would never happen, knew it probably would happen and now it has happened.

There is not one space in my house that does not need to be cleaned.

This happened because we have all been sick the past two weeks and therefore none of the housework has been done. For most of you, it probably is not a big deal, but for someone with RP, it is a nightmare. I am so overwhelmed, I do not know where to begin.

I suggested to my hunk of a husband last night that if we work together on a room, we will have a higher success rate at finishing the room. He immediately agrees but I sense he did this so I would stop talking about it. (This is the same guy who has been 'cleaning' his office for five years.)

It would be easier to set the place on fire but the city does not encourage it. We could sell the place and move but it is very difficult to sell a house these days, especially a messy one. I used to throw things in a garbage bag and haul it to the curb but the same husband insists that hundreds of fast food receipts need to be kept scattered around the house along with the dust.

I dream of renting a one bedroom sanctuary somewhere so I would have one place where I wouldn't wonder if the object on the floor is a sock or dead animal (or worse, a live one).

I had to blog one last time in case, once I start on this adventure, I may not come back. But, if I do make it back alive, I should have plenty to blog since I will undoubtedly find something I have been searching for the last year or be so annoyed I will have to vent by blogging.

I knew this day was coming....just in time for spring.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

One good thing about getting tagged

One good thing about getting tagged is I have something to blog. I am suppose to list my favorite songs. I forgot how many, so I will list ten because I like the number ten.

1. O Holy Night
2. The Church's One Foundation
3. The Gift of Love by Bette Midler
4. Don't Stop Believin' by the Eagles
5. The Rose by Bette Midler
6. Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
7. Our Love is like a Storybook Story from the Princess Bride movie
8. In the Ghetto by Elvis
9. Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion
10. Happy Birthday Maya by Luke Linna

Family Update
I am not sure if we are any better or not. Pete, Breanna and I are all still pretty miserable. I made french toast this morning which worked out well because I needed to blow out eggs for color easter eggs to hang on our ficus tree. My mom and I used to decorate eggs when I was a kid and she still has most of them and hangs them up every year. I need to get to the craft store to buy some supplies.

Pat and the boys stopped in for a couple of hours. It was good to see them even though we were not great company. Pat was able to take Pennie home so Pete would not have to take her. Her hand seems to be doing better and better as time goes on.

Breanna is on spring break this week but Luke still has school.

Have a good one...Lori

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Win some, lose some

Sometimes I just can't win...do not confuse my problem with Dr. John's losing streak on iwon.com because I am talking about the blog I wrote about being stranded on a deserted island in which I said my husband, in the event something happened to me, could marry Jennifer Love Hewitt. I thought I was being a nice wife but it turns out he is not happy with me because I married him off. I said it could be worse, I could have him married to Hillary Clinton instead of Jennifer Love Hewitt. He is still not happy...

Family Update, Pete is better but sounds like he has a cold, Breanna and I are still sick, Luke is jumping all over the place and now Pennie is here with her one arm bandaged from her carpal tunnel surgery. Poor thing, last night I was at her house and woke up in the middle of the night thinking I lost her because she was not asleep on the couch. I thought she had fallen in the bathroom or kitchen so I checked those areas and no one was on the floor so I assumed she went to bed. Turns out she was ok...whew! I would not make a good nurse!

Have a good one!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Need a blog?Ask the four year old...

I did not know what to blog about but felt I should since my father-in-law went through all the trouble of setting one up for me. So, I asked my four year old son if he could tell me a story. 'Suuuuuure' he said.

Once upon a time there was a dragon who came from a purple egg. He was not a mean dragon but a very good dragon. He only used his fire to light the campfires for the kids at the campground and then he went back to his nest. The End.

Family Update...Pete came home sick from work and is watching basketball in our room while blowing his nose constantly, Breanna stayed home from school, Luke is fine but I have now come down with something. I will be going to bed when Luke goes to bed!

Have a good one....Lori

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finally, the day is here.

We are back home from taking Luke to have dental work done. He handled everything fine and the nurse said he was the best patient she had that day. They did not pull any teeth, but capped several and did a few fillings. The dentist says if we keep up to date with everything, he should not need any more work done. I will be brushing and flossing that kid's teeth until he leaves home (to either go to college or run away because of my constant brushing and flossing techniques). I am glad this whole hospital ordeal is over and I cannot imagine what parents who have small children who have serious operations go through because this was bad enough.

Pete still has a horrible cold, Breanna came down with a cold last night but went to school today. She got her report card and did fairly well. We will have to take her out to celebrate.

George has moved from Crystal Falls to Green Bay and at first was put in the corner by the closet, but every time I open the closet, the door hits poor George. I moved him over to the front door but Luke does not like him there so I suggested by the fireplace and Luke likes that idea but I have not moved him yet.

Have a good one...Lori

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Very Own Blog

Thanks to my father-in-law, I now have my very own blog. I am so excited! I have been trying to think what my first blog should be but decided that was too overwhelming so I made an easy decision to make it about the first blog.

It has been difficult to leave comments on other blogs when people thought it was Pete and not me. They would then ask him about it and he had no clue what they were talking about. This would be a good thing if I wanted to remain anonymous or say some things that were not too nice but what if I had something brilliant to say?(Hasn't happened yet, but it could). Well, then I would want some of the credit.

Family Update: Pete's got a cold, Luke is playing with all the artwork he brought home from school now that the artshow is over (there is a parrot, an alligator, a crab, and a seahorse) and Breanna has been busily blogging since Grandpa set her up with her very own blog. I know when she gets home from school, the first thing she will do after letting the dog out, is checking her blog.

We have had our own blog explosion.

And all is right with the world.

Sunday, March 12, 2006