Lori's Minute

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Top Ten

Now it is time for another top ten list. Today it has to do with Ushers.

Top Ten Signs You Have Ushers

10. You turn a light on and find out it is already on.

9. Whenever you go someplace, you are always the last person there.

8. You start to rely on you hearing more than your sight and you already wear two hearing aids.

7. You avoid dark places such as bars, restaurants, movie theaters, quaint shops, churches, anyplace in the yellow pages, homes of family and friends, your garage, your basement, your closet, you get the picture.

6. You are constantly wondering if someone is in the room with you.

5. You drop something on the floor and it takes several minutes to find it so eventually you give up and wait until someone says, "Why is the milk cap on the floor?"

4. You hope the dark lumpy object on the floor is a sock and not doggie doo-doo.

3. You have bruises on your legs from running into the open dishwasher door.

2. You need to wear a football helmet because of the number of times you hit your head. (Thank God I was born with a hard noggin).

1. You pick up the tv remote only to find out it is the dog's bone.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quote of the Day

Last Friday while I was in Door County, my husband and kids were at his parents. We had planned to sign my son up for a martial arts class which meets three times a week M-W-F. We had gone on Wed. to check out the class, my son participated (this class uses martial arts only for defense, they never practice on each other) and was excited to join. He learned about listening to the master, the instructor, respecting family, and so on.

Turns out they were running late and would not make it back Friday in time to sign up so my husband asked my son if it was ok we wait until Monday to sign up and he said,
"Sure, if it's ok with the Master!"

Why can't he learn that fast at home???

Anyway, we signed him up last night so he is ready to go. We are learning as well and practice with him at home.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Door County

Took a couple days and went to Door County with my mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It pretty much rained the whole time but it did not bother us, we still ate, went shopping, and painted at the Hands On art studio.

I said to my mother-in-law, "Don't you just wanna live here?" forgetting that she lived in a small town for almost forty years. Oops!

The art studio was a cool place. You picked out a pottery piece (or you could make mosaics or paint wooden items) sat at a table and painted your piece. I chose a large bowl I want to put in my living room. You know, the kind you put large balls of twine in or something. I am going to put mine in a stand. As you can imagine, it is hard to imagine what your piece will look like once it is fired. I told my mom, if my piece does not turn out the way I want it, she is getting it for Christmas!

We went to several shops and as far as I know, I did not break anything. There was a funny moment where I was trying to tell my mother-ln-law something my sister-in- law wanted but my sil was standing right there and heard the whole thing! Oh, well, I tried.

My mom bought me a cookie press which has a dolphin imprint on it so that will be a good reminder of the trip. (The bowl will be too, it it turns out). The condo we stayed in was really nice and I would go back.

Next time we go, we will stay two nights and maybe take my daughter but she was dog sitting this time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All Peeped Out

Finally, all the marshmallow peeps are gone. Since hubby has been home on vacation, I have not been doing well on my eating plan. (I have to blame somebody).

Let's see, it has been a busy week of doctor, vet and school appointments. We also attended a martial arts class for the six year old who just wanted to watch at first, but ended up participating and seems to like it. What I like about the class is the kids only hit or kick bags or paddles (they never hit each other) and the main rule is it is only used for defense purposes. I think we will sign him up! This is the first thing he has joined but I still plan to get him into swimming classes at some point.

My daughter, age 12, picked up her new school schedule. She is so excited for the school year to begin. I said to my husband that I never felt that way about school until college and he agreed but neither of us are going to tell her that!

I recently met another woman who also has Ushers Syndrome and we have been like two kids e-mailing each other almost daily with our adventures. It is amazing how much we have in common and the things we have experienced not to mention the way we think because of Ushers.

Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I don't know what it is but lately I have been getting into fights with salespeople and today was no different.

My daughter and I went to a preteen clothing store where they had two racks of tank tops. Each rack said, "Buy two, 9.99 each". Of course, we could only find one in her size at each rack so I asked the two sales girls (chatting the whole time we were there and of no help) if I could still get them for 9.99 each even though they are not from the same rack, they were the same price. They both said yes so we checked out. At the checkout, along with a pricey pair of jeans but the only ones we found that actually fit in the whole mall, the tank tops rang up as 12.99 each. I asked why they did not ring up as 9.99 each and she said because they were not from the same rack.

I said the two sales girls said it was ok and she said, "I doubt she said that because we have had this problem before and I know she knows they are supposed to be from the same rack. "

"Let's bring her up and ask her." I suggested.

"Oh, she left already. "

My daughter piped up and said that both sales girls said it was ok and again the check out lady said they know better and would not have said it.

I absolutely HATE IT when someone accuses me of lying. I looked at her like I was ready to leave but she did ring them up at 9.99 each. She then said, "if you spend $5 more, you get and extra $25 coupon"

I had Breanna pick out a hair piece to which the clerk said, "Hair accessories are 'Buy one, Get one half off!"

I was ready to choke her and would have left if the jeans were not so important and I was not ready to drop dead from shopping my my husband and son were also waiting for us. I said, "We are done, thank you."

Then I look at the coupon and you have to spend $50 to get the $25 off next time....What?????

It is a good thing we only go there once in a blue moon. Hubby suggested we try to get the jeans online....good idea, if I get mad at the computer, there is no backtalk.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Can anyone tell me why they can put a man on the moon but they cannot get the miners out of the mine? They cannot even locate them....don't they have gps signals? What is up with that?????

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nice Day

Today was a good day. My friend who had a job interview called and said it went very well. Then I had my dad over for dinner since it was his birthday. I had not seen him in awhile so thought it would be good to have him over. I also invited my brother and his family whom I have not seen since my mother's birthday last Feb. (and we all live in the same city!).

I made a family favorite of french bread with a hamburger topping baked in the oven. Instead of cake I made brownies (with help from the six year old), and baked a store bought apple pie crumb which was still warm when I served it. It all went well and I think everyone had a nice time. The kids are growing up so fast.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Books and misc.

I used to read at night before I went to bed as a way for me to fall asleep without a million things going through my mind. But, as my sight has worsened, it has gotten to be too difficult.

A couple weeks ago, my mother gave me "The Notebook" so last Sunday, I wasn't feeling well so I decided to try to read it during the day, when my eyes are less tired. I enjoyed it even though the ending went on a little too long for my taste. but it felt good to read a book again. (This is just my opinion, Mr. Sparks, and only my opinion).

So tonight, I thought I would try it again....this is a book I bought a couple months ago called "It's Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump and Other Life Lessons I Learned From Dogs." by John O'Hurley, you know, the guy from Seinfeld and he now hosts Family Feud. I always liked him. It is in hardcover and so the print is a little larger than a paperback.

Meanwhile, I have been eating marshmallow peeps. My husband's aunt stopped in last week to visit with her new husband and she brought me about five boxes of peeps! I would have eaten them all in a week if I were not in the middle of my 100 day plan to eat better and exercise daily.(Currently on day 55) As it stands now, I eat three peeps a day for dessert. That is about the same as half a candy bar. Too much info? I thought so....I am doing ok eating the rest of the day, though. Except for my daughter's birthday, and then that one time I was mad at the scale, but other than that, pretty darn good for me. Even when I was gone to KC for four days, I did well.

Ok, enough about it because I am starting to get hungry...


Saturday, August 11, 2007

I need a straw, please

My son, age six, made some dinosaur skeletons out of drinking straws and scotch tape. One is called the "large dino" and the other is called the "albino dino'. Hubby was at a store and bought him some pipe cleaners to make the dinosaurs but I guess the son had to use up all the straws first. Now I have nothing to drink my soda with....yes I could drink it the old fashion way but I like the straws. Perhaps I can use the albino dino as a drinking straw? I will ask but I doubt I will be allowed such an idea. I also needed tape for wrapping a present, but that is all gone now, too. I guess I could wrap it in pipe cleaners.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer Memories

Lately, it has been too hot for the kids to go out and play....at least that is what the weather people are saying and we always believe them even if it was snowing out right now. It got me to thinking what I did in the summer when I was a kid.

We lived on a dead end road of eight houses. Behind us there was a sand pit and all day we would hear the dump trucks going back there doing whatever it is they do. On the weekends we would go there and bring home snakes and frogs unless mom told us to take them back. They always got away from us anyway. There was a section behind out house where we (my brother and I or my friends, sometimes I went all by myself) would build forts and play hide and seek and so on. Sometimes we would find animals including the one time I saw two raccoons. We also had a white owl who hung out there occasionally.

The end of the dead end street, was a good 40 to 50 foot drop to another street which had no houses on it at the time. We often climbed the hill or slid down it with out trying to get caught by the hundreds of trees and bushes which grew there. Now, across the street at the bottom of this hill, there was a wetland where buttercups grew. Every summer, my friend and I would gather bunches of them, as much as we could carry and bring them home to our mothers who had to find three or four vases to hold them all. They never lasted long but there were so pretty. We also found pussywillows and would take some of those as well. Not too many because we wanted them to come back every year.

Now, the sand pit is gone, replaced by several houses, and so are the buttercups and pussywillows. I do not recall ever having to stay inside because it was too hot outside.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekend News

We had a good weekend. I went shopping with a friend and finally got everything I needed to put up the curtains and hubby took down the old blinds and put up the new curtains. I also bought a new lamp, the kind I need to read....not very stylish but that's what the curtains are for.

Pete and the kids went to see the movie, "Underdog" and they all liked it very much. I was going to go also, but ended up shopping with my friend.

Today we went and got school supplies for the kids. I called my cousin who recently had surgery and she is slowly getting better. We reminisced about the days when we were kids and see each other at Christmas at my grandparents farm.

This week I plan to clean the house and pay the bills plus my daily walk on the treadmill. We are trying to decide whether to have a rummage sale. It seems like so much work and we have never really gotten much money out of having one.

For those of you following the story of the employee who would not help me at the curtain store, I called the manager back to find out what happened. She said what she believes happened was there was one person at checkout and another on the floor who was helping at checkout during the time we were in the windows department. There was a third person scheduled but that person called in sick. What I now believe happened was the two women who were at the desk were not workers but customers shopping together which seems to be a plausible explanation. The manager did apologize again and I am satisfied but I doubt I will be going back anytime soon.

Pete has class this week and we have a doctor appt. on Thursday for the son plus we need to get the dog back in for his booster shots. He looks really nice since we had him groomed (the dog, not the son). The groomers did a good job getting the snarls out around his ears and trimming his nails. I think he is a much happier pooch now.

Have a good week.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Window Shopping

For about a year, I have needed new curtains for the sliding glass doors off our family room and our dining room. I had painted the walls a new color and the vertical blinds no longer matched or worked (as hubby points out). So, the other night while we were out, hubby and kids went to the office supply store where I went next door to the home center which I will not name.

I go to the back of the store where the curtains and window treatments are and I immediately find curtains I like (rarely happens). It is right next to the desk where a worker is helping another person. They both leave and I foolishly assume she will be back. I do have a question and it is a simple one....do they have more of the curtain rings since there are only three packs and I need four?

I wait 20 minutes....nobody comes back. Now I am the only person in the department until my family shows up. I tell them why I am waiting and they suggest perhaps other rings in another style will work so we check them all out and they will not. I am set on the ones I have in my hand along with the four packs of curtains which of course, are sold one panel a package rather than a set. (What????)

Another 20 minutes pass and hubby volunteers to go up to the front and request help. I hear the announcement for help in the windows dept. and no one comes. Hubby practically tackles a person from another dept. who says if the item is not there on the floor, it is not in stock but they can order it.

By this time I am quite upset and decide to leave. I do purchase the curtain panels because they are a color I really like and I do not want to take the chance they will be at another store since this is the only one in town by that name.

Once at home, I get more and more upset and frustrated to the point where I cannot sleep. I decided I must call the next day and talk to the manager, which I do.

I explain that someone was there, left and never came back. The manager says that is unusual because there is always someone there because people always have a lot of questions in that department (My point exactly). She asks what I want her to do. I ask her to please ask the worker why she would not help me. Was she taking a longer break than usual? Did she go home sick? Did my white cane throw her off? Perhaps I have an odor problem I am not aware of?

I really do not understand people who work in customer service and then do not help!!!!!! Errrrrrghhhhhhh!

The manager says she will find out and call me back sometime this week. All I really want is an apology from the worker who blew me off and nothing else will do. I'll let you know if I get one but I am not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, I still need the curtain rings.