Lori's Minute

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Is Going On With Me?

The last couple of months, I have noticed a couple things that are happening that I have not had before. The sweating, the insomnia among other things.

But the strangest thing that is happening is I have hair growing where I never had it before. It is growing on my toes, the tops of my feet and even on my elbows.

I finally figured it out....I'm becoming a werewolf.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Silly Games

I will admit that with each member of the family, I play a silly game which I do not play with anyone else either in the family or outside of it. For instance, hubby calls me every day as he leaves work from his cell phone. The reason is because once he gets home, the kids and the dog need his attention and I am usually busy making dinner so for us to have any adult conversation, he calls me. Often, we are still talking on the phone when he arrives home and I hear the garage door go up. This is when I say, "Oh, gotta go, husband's home!" and we both chuckle and the kids look at me funny.

Then there is my 12 year old daughter. I mentioned before where she and I will be talking in the kitchen and I will measure her against me to see how tall she has grown. The silly game is when she hugs me, then she does it so hard I gasp, "Oh,no, the Heimlich!" and we laugh about it and I try to to hug her back but not too hard because I do not want to break her ribs.

With my son, since he has been a baby, I would say, "L...U....K...E....that spells LUKE!" But lately, I have been saying "L...U...K...E... that spells banana!" and he looks at me and says, "No, it's LUKE!" We do this with a number of other words until I can tell he is sick of the game.

I also do a game with the dog. Usually, it is when I have come home from taking the ten minute walk dropping my son off at school. I arrive home and he is so excited, he looks for something to grab (usually a shoe) and I ask "Where is your ball? Quick go find it!" He searches all over until he finds it and then he starts to run around the staircase. I go to the otherside and try to stop him and say "Arrrrrgh" and he puts on the brakes and runs back the other way. I simply turn around and wait for him to come around the corner and again say "Arrrrrgh" and he turns back around the other direction. We do this several times and finally I go sit down and he lays down, exhausted.

And I did not have to buy any of these games in the store.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

Today the kids went back to school. It is your typical "back to school" weather -wise....perfect. We were looking for perfect weather all summer and, of course, it shows up today.

My daughter was up at six as was I. I got her breakfast (milk and a pop-tart....not much but that is what she wanted). She told me how she had to wake the dog up rather than the other way around. She got dressed and we sat at the table until her friend who lives down the street, showed up. I took pictures, they looked so happy and excited. The dog was wondering where she was going without him. I told him, "Don't worry, she'll be back."

I went on the treadmill fo an hour. Hubby got up, ate breakfast (he was on his own I'm afraid) and he then left for work. THe dog stared at the door and wanted to know where he was going without him. I told him, "Don't worry, he'll be back."

Finally, the six year old got up. I brought him his clothes including a new shirt his aunt got for him. "I like my new shirt" he said. I got him new shoes and for the first time since school got out last spring, he is wearing socks. I found him a paint shirt, had him try on his new gym shoes (they fit) and put those in his backpack along with a bagel for a snack. I took his picture along with the dog. (I hope to post the pictures tonight when hubby gets home.) As we were leaving, the dog wanted to go with us so badly, but I told him to "Stay, I'll be back" and we left. He barked as we walked down the street, looking at us through the window.

We passed a neighbor who was getting into his car and we said "Hi" and my son added "Today is my first day of school. I am nervous but I'll be ok." The neighbor smiled and said, "Have a good first day of school." We both said "Thank you, you have a good day, too."

We make it to school and look for his line which we finally find. My son spots his best friend from last year, Lydia. She is wearing a red dress with a white shirt, white tights and black shoes. They are so happy to see each other and walk slowly to the playground. I can see them talking to each other. Finally the bell rings and they go stand in line and go in.

Walking home, I can hear our dog barking a block away. Once in the door, I hold my breath and hope he did not make a mess, he did'nt! I wonder how long it will take for him to get used to me walking my son to school every morning. I would take him with us but the school does not want dogs on the playground.

Now, my plan is to work on the house.....I miss everybody....the best part of my day is when they come back. Now I know how the dog feels.