Lori's Minute

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The week

Wow, I got out of the house twice this week. My mother and and sister in law came up to take me out to lunch. It was fun. They are so funny.

Today we went to drop our daughter off at the Lambeau Field Atrium because she was volunteering at Safety Town. She was helping her friend who is Buckle Bear. They helped a little girl find her mom. While she was there, the rest of us went to the Home Expo. First we went to the wrong place. (My mistake). Then we parked and put money in the parking meters and some guy said "You know, parking is free on the weekends!" Then when we walked in some other guy gave us his tickets so we did not have to pay to get in. A lot of the booths really liked Luke and his questions. THe water heater guy wanted to hire him. We looked at replacement windows because our windows suck and our house is always cold and I am tired of putting plastic up every year. We also looked at sunrooms...a dream of ours since we bought the house. We found two nice contractors, the other two were not too nice. I also looked at countertops. I like my cabinets but would like some new counters.

Tomorrow I will get out again if we go to Neenah. I might die of shock.

They should call it a dream expo because that is what it is. Maybe someday...it is good to dream otherwise I would have nothing to do.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ugh, I can't believe it. The Packers lost in a heartbreaker! We should have won. It's all my fault. I came downstairs before the game was over. I should have waited like I always do for all the other games. But no, I wanted to share the experience with my family and we lost. I'll take the blame. Go ahead and fire me as a fan. It's time we part ways and I move on. Sigh...