Lori's Minute

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another good day. We went to Neenah to see Betty. We took clothes to Goodwill, ate lunch and then went to Stein's so Betty could buy flowers for John's grave. She picked out a beautiful hanging basket of flowers and picked out a cool plant stand which I may want to get for my house. We put the flowers at the gravesite and saw the headstone for the first time. It is very nice.

Pete worked on her computer for a bit before we headed home. I think we are all glad it is Friday. I think I may have a cold...did not have one all winter and now I have one. So far, not too bad, just annoying.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yesterday was a good day. We went to help my mom make her outdoor shed into a garden shed. She already did most of the work before we got there! I painted the inside. She made lunch and we visited for awhile which was nice. (It was a nice little visit as Bree once said when she was little).

A guy came over to talk to us about the possibilty of putting on a sunroom to our house. We have an appt. next week to draw up some plans to see how much an addition would cost because we have no idea. We've been talking about it since we moved into the house but because we don't know how much it costs, don't know if it is even something we could afford to do. (My reasoning is since I don't have a car, I can have a sunroom!) We plan to put a hot tub in it. We had one at our other house and I really miss it...especially October through March.

Today we picked up our new glasses, Pete talked to his sleep doctor about getting a new machine and we stopped to pick up the final supplies needed to finish our utility closet. I think it will really work out nice when it is done.

I made lasagne for dinner. Tonight we are watching a movie that Pete has not seen yet, "Up".

Tomorrow we head to Neenah to see Betty.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


WWW stands for Weight Watchers Wednesday....I joined about a month ago and I go on Wed. evenings. I really needed to go someplace where there are others like me trying to do the same thing.

Last summer I did very well on my own but gained it back over the winter. I hope by going to the meetings I can stay focused and keep it off once next winter comes.

Having said that, even though I did great eating wise all week I somehow gained a pound!

I will continue to work at it and not give up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pete is on vacation...or is he?

My husband is on vacation but I, the stay at home wife who does not drive, made plans for him on his vacation.

I made eye appts for both of us. We are both getting new glasses which we ordered today and will pick up tomorrow.

We did grocery shopping, dropped off clothes at Goodwill and bought stuff to redo the utility closet which he is doing as I write this.

Tonight is Bree's spring concert...we have to tape American Idol.

It might rain tomorrow so we may not get to help mom set up her potting shed. Pete has an appt. with his cpap provider. Friday we will go to Neenah to see Betty. The week is flying by for me but probably not for Pete.

He did sleep in this morning until after ten.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

What happened to spring? Seems like it skipped and went right to summer. We have been doing a lot the last couple of months all on account of the show, "Hoarders" First we started with our garage and got a lot done. I went through some of my dad's boxes and only have four left.

I think I will probably end up with two or three once it is all done. Originally there were over forty bins and boxes! Not to mention office furniture, books, filing cabinets. We recently got the new large recycle bins from the city. The kind that are about four feel tall and you roll out to the curb with a lid on it. I am on my fourth time loading it with his papers.

Pete is working on his tool bench and it is coming around. Eventually he wants to get it so he can drive the lawn tractor straight through the garage (there are doors on both ends).

While he was in San Diego I tackled the closet in our main bathroom. I bought bins, labeled them all and now it looks much better. It's been three weeks and it still looks pretty good! Good job, family!

Next week Pete is off from work...he thought he had nothing planned...HA! I made eye appts. for us both, we are helping my mom turn her outdoor shed into a garden or potting shed. We also plan to go to Neenah to visit his mom. We talked about cleaning the basement but probably won't decide until the day of.

That Hoarders show really works.