Lori's Minute

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pete is home safe and sound. He must be feeling better because he is using his laptop and took his shirt off...a sure sign he is himself.

He will stay home from work until Tues and go back part time for the rest of the week before returning full time after Labor day. Of course, he will probably work from home in the meantime.

We had a strange thing happen...our neighbor gave us a ride home from the hospital. In our driveway was a dead rabbit. Our other neighbors have cats so we think the cat got it. Our neighbor was gracious enough to 'take care' of the rabbit for us. He came over later to say it was filled with bees so he sprayed it with bee killer before disposing of it. He said it was creepy like out of a horror movie. I told Pete and he said it was odd because bees like sweet things and not dead animals. I am so glad our neighbor was there to take care of it for us (and the ride, too!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I had a nice time at the family reunion. Pete said it was the first time he went to something like this and he could eat everything on the table! (Funny, when I was talking to my cousin's husband I mentioned I missed the reunions and he agreed, saying he missed the food). We stayed at a hotel, watch the Packer game and went swimming in the cold pool but the hot tub was warm.

Back at home, I have been serious about getting cleaning done around the house. Having the rummage sale really got me going. You may recall I cleaned out my bedroom closet, still have not gone in there so it is still clean. Yesterday and today my daughter and I have been cleaning the laundry room which in our house includes going through the winter coats and boots. I'm almost done. We have more things to go to goodwill and some of it is winter stuff so I am sure it will be appreciated.

Next up is the closet by the front door...more winter coats and misc. things because I did not know where to put them...umbrellas, a telescope with a tripod, and for some reason, a few Halloween costumes. Once that is done, I will tackle the drawers and cabinets in the main bathroom.

Tomorrow, Pete has his gallbladder removed. I really hope he feels better afterwards. I have known him for 16 years and his tummy has hurt this whole time. Maybe it is me?

The kids have their school supplies and are all set to go. I will miss them, it will just be me and the dog at home.

The new dishwasher came but it is the wrong color so we sent it back. Every time we order an appliance, it is never right the first time. (It said the right color on the box, but once opened, it was wrong.)We should get the right one next week Monday. If we get a trash compactor instead, we will start using paper cups and plates and be done with it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It has been an interesting week. I cleaned out our closet and it looks so nice I want to take a picture of it but I don't dare enter the closet because I may mess it up. Between all of us, we took about eight bags of clothes to Goodwill.

We went and got the kids from the grandparents. They had a good time, but I really missed them and the dog was pouting the whole time they were gone. We played canasta, me and my partner lost. I got called stupid for doing something nice but whatever at least I got my kids back.

Pete had a gallbladder test done which he found out operates at zero percent. The surgeon told him a normal gallbladder operates at 90 percent, it is acceptable to operate at 40 percent but Pete's was at ZERO percent. The doctor said he had never seen a patient with a gallbladder that does absolutely nothing. Pete decided to have it removed sometime next week. We hope it will help him feel better after years of having pain.

Then our dishwasher stopped working so we looked at Consumer Report and went to Sears to buy a new dishwasher which should come in next week sometime. As long as it does not come the same time as the gallbladder is removed, I'll be happy.

This weekend we go to a family reunion on my mom's side. We have to postpone the trip to Mt. Rushmore due to the gallbladder but we will go another time. There was a reason I had not made hotel reservations yet!

Meanwhile, Brett Favre unretired again. Anyone who deliberately postpones joining a team until after the preseason to avoid training camp has lost my respect. Pete has tickets to the Packer Viking game, too!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Busy Friday

Yesterday I spent all day calling tire places to get four new tires on our van. All were very nice, all within the same price range but in the end we decided to go with Sears. They were having a sale so we are getting better tires for the same price as the other guys. We also do not need an appointment and need a new battery which we know Sears has in stock.

Meanwhile, I also made appt. for the kids at the dentist. The dentist had a cancellation today so we got them in today rather than in Sept. when we would have had to take them out of school. After the dentist they will go to Sears.

Pete is also taking Spanky in for his vet check up so he will be all ready to go when we have to board him while we go to Mt. Rushmore. In the middle of all this, Pete and Bree are going to the Packer practice.

So, in order, we have dentist, Sears, lunch, Packer practice, vet.

It all adds up to one busy Friday for us.

I went for my walk this morning. I am getting closer to my goal of 100 days of walking 10,000 steps per day. There will be thunderstorms this weekend so I hope I can still get my walks in.