Lori's Minute

Monday, February 26, 2007

Playing in the Snow

Over the weekend we got about 14 inches of snow. Yesterday we spent the whole day eating junk food because before the storm, we went food shopping and bought all kinds of food and most of it was junk food.

My son went out three times to play in the snow and my daughter twice. After they had hot chocolate, we worked on a puzzle we started over the weekend. It will probably be on my kitchen table for weeks and we will have to eat around it, but that is what family life is all about, working around whatever it going on at that time.

Today after school, my son wanted to play outside again so I agreed to go out and try to help him build a snowman. The kid has to build at least one while he is still young, right? The snow wasn't packy enough so we built a snow mountain. We got tired of that and played baseball. He used a small shovel as a bat and I threw snow balls. The best line was "I was laying in the snow sleeping because it was comfy." I remember that feeling as a kid when you get all tired out playing in the snow and you need to rest so you lay down and look up at the sky to rest.

It was fun being a kid again.

Friday, February 23, 2007

More of What I Don't Need

Most of you know, I do not clean unless someone is coming over. Tonight, my daughter is having a friend sleep over so I head over to my cleaning supply closet. I am specifically looking for floor cleaner which I swear we bought four bottles of not too long ago. I find three bottles of Kaboom which I have no idea what it is for but because it is in a spray bottle I know it is not floor cleaner and because of its name, I am a little afraid of moving it so I press on. I find three spray cans of Pledge dusting spray. I rarely dust so I wonder why I have three cans but again it is not floor cleaner. I find a jar of sterling silver cleaner which I used on my flute over a year ago, the biggest bottle of Liquid Plumber I have ever seen, and about three spray bottles of glass cleaner with about an inch of liquid in each. I would combine them all but they are all different brands and what if I mix and I end up like the bottles of Kaboom?

I look down to the middle shelf and there is nothing but lightbulbs and if I move one, they will all come crashing down. The level below the bulbs in all batteries. Ok. it is clear I am not going to find floor cleaner here. I check upstairs in the two bathroom. In the kids bathroom, I find a variety of clothes, stuffed animals, a toy money tray but no floor cleaner. (My plan when we first bought the house was to keep a stash of cleaning supplies in each bathroom but then the baby came along).

I check our master bath and there isn't anything there either. Finally head down to the kitchen and look under the sink and voila, there is a half bottle of floor cleaner. Now all I need to do is find the mop....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Star of the Week

This week, my five year old is star of the week in kindergarten. This means a lot of work for the parents! We had to fill out a huge poster, fill out a book and try to come up with show and tell items for each day of the week. We also made cookies to hand out but of course I just could not make the cookies. I put two in a baggie (for all those germophopic moms out there) and made tags for the top which read "To my co-STAR" from Luke. Luke had fun decorating the cookies although I am not sure there are still edible.

Yesterday, his 11 year old sister stopped in his class after her school got out and talked about her experience at the school where the kids are now. She also talked about where she goes to middle school, about what she and Luke like to do for fun, and handed out the cookies.

Today, I read a book I wrote called, "THe Blind Lady Who Can See". I wrote it five years ago and read it to my daughter's class and the teachers loved it. It talks all about RP and what it is like to be sight and hearing impaired. I decided to redo it because the first one was put together rather hastily, so this time I used the computer for all the text and did a better job illustrating the pictures. I pasted all the paper on colored cardstock. I am happy with the way it turned out and plan to "show it off" when I go the RP convention in July. The teachers have suggested publishing it but I am not sure what is all involved. They also said I should go around to all the schools and read it to all the kindergarten classes so I will see if that is something the district will allow.

Then hubby went and talked about his job (he works for the schools on the computers) and he and Luke talked about what they like to do for fun such as light off fireworks and rockets.

The sun was shining and it was a perfect day.

Friday, February 16, 2007

How Many Dogs Live Here?

Sometimes I think we have five dogs in our house instead of one. This dog has two speeds, stop and super hero fast. When ever I get up to go somewhere, he is already there lying down waiting for me and looking at me as if to ask "What took you so long?'

If I go into the kitchen, he is there lying in front of the fridge. If I go take a bath, he is on the bath mat, if I go make the bed, he is on the floor in the bedroom. Sometimes I try to do things at a different time so I am not so predictable. Maybe I will go check my e-mail first, but it does not matter, he already knows and is in the loft on the floor right by my computer armoire.

We only have one dog food bowl, one water bowl, and when we call his name, only one dog comes but I swear there are more dogs living here that look just like him.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bree for President 2032

We were watching the news and Rudy announced he is running for President. Bree was talking to her dad about who can run for president. He said as long as you are 35 and born in the U.S. , anyone can run. She asks if he could run and he says yes, but he doesn't want the job. She asks if I could run and I say "Yes, but it would be difficult for a deaf/blind person to run a country" (You said to take out the trash? Oh, I thought you said we were attacked! Cancel the bomb dropping thingy!!!!).

Finally, she says she could run and "Besides, I take rejection well!"

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today my son's kindergarten class is taking a field trip to a nursing home. They have been working hard for weeks practicing the songs they are going to sing, making hearts to give to the people at the nursing home. One song involves a teddy bear and each kid is supposed to bring a teddy bear to use in the song. One morning I went and collected a bunch of bears we have and presented each one to my son. He declined them all and decided to take the Taco Bell stuffed chihuaua (sp?) dog instead of a teddy bear.

I am ok with it....really.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine's Dinner

A few posts ago, I wrote about the Mercy Date, in which because he paid for the first date, I then took him out for his birthday and he called it the mercy date because he thought once we were even on paying, I would dump him.

That did not happen...the dumping part. So, he invited me over to his place for Valentine's Day dinner...he would do all the cooking. It was to be my favorite meal, steak and fries. We had wine to start things off. Now, neither of us drink wine but we thought since it was Valentine's Day, we should have wine. The only problem was, he did not have a corkscrew so he took a knife and dug out as much of the cork as he could and putting most if it inside the bottle. I still have the bottle sitting on top of my computer armoire with the little chunks of cork in it. (He filtered the wine through a strainer before putting into the glass).

He had one of those electric indoor grills to grill the steak and it was not working properly. Instead of taking 20 -30 minutes, it took about an hour and half to cook. The fries were already done and eaten as we waited for the steak to get done. We switched to soda after the first glass of wine, dumping the rest. Finally the steak was done and it was good.

He has not cooked for me since....but it was a nice meal....must have been the company.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Architect

Today my five year old son was cutting up cardboard boxes and assembling them to make buildings. I said to him, "Maybe when you grow up. you will be an architect (sp?) and build buildings."

"Yeah," he said, "I am going to need a lot of cardboard."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

By The Way

I have been fortunate enough to have a couple bloggers leave comments but unfortunately I cannot leave comments on their blogs. Can anyone tell me why? The only difference that I can tell from the others is theirs has a blue and orange button to publish the comment and when I press it, nothing happens! I am wondering if it is because I am using Safari? Anyway, thanks to 'ol lady' and 'jill ' for your comments, I will try to figure out how to post on yours eventually!

Today I colored my roots, they were getting pretty bad. Tomorrow I am going to a friends house to bake pumkin cake rolls for her bake sale at church. I thought about calling the in-laws to see if they could dog sit but hubby is taking a vacation day to get a bunch of stuff done around the house so he will be home. It has been awhile since I have been out of the house (probably the last time I did my roots was the last time I was out!) so I am looking forward to it.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Family Update

We were all sick over the weekend with a tummy bug. It went through each of us and now we are on the mend. Yesterday, for the first time in 12 years, the schools were closed due to how cold it was (usually it is because of too much snow or too much wind and drifting snow). Today school was delayed two hours. It was kind of strange sitting around waiting the two hours to go to school.

My son took his valentines to school today. We cut out paper hearts which said, "A Hug from Luke" and threaded individually wrapped licorice sticks through slots in the heart.

We watched the Super Bowl but since we were all sick we were all in different places...usually we watch it all together. My favorite commercial was the one with David Letterman and Oprah. We have intercom on our phones so when we saw one we really liked, we would call each other. We are a strange family but that is why we get along so well.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Now that hubby has a new computer, our Florida trip is postponed a bit. I was talking to my 11 year old saying, I really want to take you and your brother to Disney since he has never been there and she said, "I'll be happy just to get out of this town for a day!"

Friday, February 02, 2007

Six Weird Things bout Me

Somebody did a post about six things about them that are weird or unique so I am stealing it for today.

1. I freak out if I miss the garbage man. He only comes once a week usually not before ten but last week he was here before eight so now I have garbage in my garage for another week. Never mind all the junk that is in there that we will probably never get rid of, but the garbage really bugs me. This has only happened about three times that I missed him, but I still worry about it every week.

2. Some people buy shoes or clothes and never wear them, I but picture frames and never use them. I have good intentions when I buy them, but rarely do I use them when I get home. I think it is because I am not good at hanging the pictures up on the wall.

3. I am the world's pickiest eater, never had most fruits, vegtables, or seafood but I love froglegs. The only soup I have tried is chicken noodle. I also cannot stand ketchup!

4. When I was working or going to college, I would take naps in my car on my lunch hour.

5.I tend to plan ahead 20 years but not for today. For instance, when I was in first grade, I wanted to be in college so I could take the classes I wanted to take. Now I am thinking of when the kids are grown and gone, we will get a condo so we do not have to take care of the lawn. My youngest is five so it will be awhile but I am already looking at retirement communties.

6. I do not want to win a huge lottery because I think it would put my kids in danger but I would not mind winning something once in awhile....just once....even a trip where it is nice and warm would be nice.