Lori's Minute

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Fan in the Stands

Today we all went to church. While we were getting ready, my son, age six, made a sign. He drew a cross in the middle and wrote "I Love God" underneath. He showed it to me and I said I thought it was cool. Off we went to church. I thought he would leave the sign at home or in the car but he brought it with him.

Like most Lutherans, we sat in the back row (really it is because that is where there is the most light for me to read). As we got up to sing, I looked down at my son who was next to me. There he was,holding the sign above his head the whole time...like he was at a football game cheering for his team.

He held it up pretty much the whole time until communion and he set it down and tried to sleep the rest of the time.

I do not know if anyone saw it because we sat in the back but it was kind of neat that God had a fan in the stands.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Change is Good

I am a big believer in change but why is it the smallest change causes such problems in life? Here's and example of what I mean....

My mom often goes to the post office for her work. The last time she went I asked her to pick up 100 stamps for me, the self stick kind. While Pete and I were gone for a week, she stopped in to see my in-laws and the kids and she dropped off the stamps. When I got home, my mother-in-law showed me where they were with the rest of the notes that had accummulated while we were away. I saw the stamps which were in sheets and in a flat paper bag. I put them up in the cupboard with the envelopes, address book and phone book so I would know they were put away.

So, what is the big deal? The big deal is I usually get a ROLL of stamps and they fit nicely in the corner of the cupboard. Fast forward a week later and I am ready to do the bills and for the life of me, I cannot find the stamps! I start looking through all the piles of paper I have stashed all over the place. I am hoping and praying I did not accidentally throw them out as I have been known to do with things I do not recognize no matter how important.

After about an hour, I go back to the original cupboard. We had just gotten a new phone book which I had placed on top of the old one and there, between the two phone books, were the stamps. Whew!

Such a small change and I cannot handle it. What next, the color of my shampoo will change and I will not know what to do....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nice Weekend

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday was a perfect fall day. We went to watch my nephew play Pop Warner football. His team won. We then went to eat at a restaurant on the east side. We used to eat there often before we moved. It is one of those truck stops that serve really good but greasy foods. After lunch we went and got pumpkins and gourds. We also went over the new bridge which has a round about on one end. When we got home, the kids played with the neighbor kids while we set up the cornstalk, hay, pumpkins and gourds. I also bought a huhe bushel basket of mums.

Today, Sunday, was not nearly as nice weather wise. We had to greet at church so we all went in out Packer gear and then headed out to the game. Our seats were at the very top near the 50 yard line which were pretty good. I gave my daughter a hard time because last time I made a sign but got yelled at by people behind us even though I only held it up during commercials. THis time we could have brought a sign because no one was behind us! Oh well.... the six year old did very well. He wore headphones to block out the noise and did not ask to go home until the third quarter. It sprinkled most of the game, but we brought ponchos (clear ones, Quilly) and we barely won mainly because of the defense.

Tomorrow we take the six year old for a bone scan and MRI on his leg. I guess it will be an all day event.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Great Day

Friday was a great day! Luke came home with zero checkmarks and he said the whole class lined up and gave him high-fives. Then at martial arts, he got a certificate for being in th class and was star student of the day because he knew the answer to the master's question. "Who was the master's master?"

We are very proud. However, hubby got scolded by the master because he was talking to Luke during the class and parents are supposed to be quiet. Oops!

Hubby and Bree went to the Packer/Bear game tonight. They want all the fans to wear white so we went and bought them both white shirts. He got a jersey and Bree got a light sweater but is wearing green and gold necklace. I hear thunder so I hope it passes before the game starts. They took ponchos just in case.

I started my second 100 day exercise program this past week. I did ok the first 100 days but have to keep going....it helps to have shorter goals....baby steps, people!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Well it is time for another top ten list. Things I learned when Pete and I went to Keystone, CO for a week necause he had a convention.

10. It is really scary riding a bus up and down a winding mountain road where the earth seems to drop off on the side of the road. As a kid, I would have thought it was cool.

9. THere is a reason why the rooms are cheap during the off season...just about everything was closed!

8. THe reason I do not own a cashmere sweater is because the one I found and really liked cost over $2000!

7. Just like at home, there is nothing on tv.

6. THe weather was very nice, could not have been better.

5. THe food was also very good!

4. We got the pool all to ourselves, a benefit to the off season. FOr me, the success of a trip all depends on whether we get the pool to ourselves or not.

3. I should have walked around the lake more often to get my exercise but instead I read a book (and finished it) while sitting on the balcony overlooking the lake.

2. Anywhere you want to go in the mountains involves going up and down many, many, steps.

1. After three days, I was ready to go home even though we were there for five. I missed the kids and even the dog.