Lori's Minute

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tribute to Toast

Lots of work getting done on the addition this week. The walls and ceiling are insulated and now the wallboard is going up. I have chosen a color for the walls...Toasted Wheat. This is good because the floor tile is called 'Toast'. If any one word describes the Linna family it is 'toast'.

You can eat it, make it, burn it, butter it, throw it (think Rocky Horror Picture Show) give it as in a wedding toast, become it as in "Oh, now you are toast", or be toasty warm. You can dunk it, put jelly on it, or feed it to the birds.

Nothing beats toast.

Except maybe chocolate.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The addition has been stalled because when the electrician came he said due to new laws, nothing electrical can be within five feet of the hot tub (or something like that). We thought we were going to have a hot tub room but the hot tub will be on the deck!

Contractor called the city inspector and we think we have solved the problem but the electrician is booked the rest of the week and came for an hour or two since then.

But it is coming along...I think next week a lot will get done. The windows and the siding for sure and then the plastering.

We are also thinking of having some landscaping done in the front. I let it get overgrown. I wish I would have kept up with the trimming but with my sight it was too hard. I really like what the landscaper designed but it is a little over our budget so I will take a look at our finances to see what we can do. Taking out a few flowers or shrubs does not save us much since most of the quote is for removal of the old stuff and the general mulch and edging. I'm sure our neighbors would be happy to see a nicer yard! The design really is pretty. I looked up the plants on line and I think it will look very nice. I asked for purples, blues, with some pinks and whites. I am keeping the liiac bush because I like the way they smell when it blooms.I told the designer it was the one thing I wanted to keep but he took it out! I'm keeping it!!!

Pete is sick with a nasty cough/cold. Poor baby...

We don't have anything planned which is good since he is sick.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Breanna went to homecoming this past weekend. She and her two friends looked so pretty. I cleaned out master bedroom and bathroom so the girls could get ready in there and have lots of room. Pete took them to the dance and picked them up.

Tomorrow we have Luke's conference and he is going with us. Should be interesting.

The addition has a roof. The electrician comes Monday. After that, things should accelerate pretty quickly from there.

The last couple days have been beautiful, sunny fall days.