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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

It's my Birthday! Ok, it was a few days ago but it was a nice day. We went to church, we had a luncheon afterwards celebrating 140 years of St. John Lutheran Church in Ashwaubenon. It was a good program and a nice meal. Later when we went home, Pete and the kids gave me some presents! (Had cake at the luncheon by the way). They gave me two picture frames I asked for. One has the word Love on it and there are four spaces for pictures. Breanna gave me a tshirt with UWGB mom printed on it and a UWGB sweatshirt. In the mail I am getting a canvas with pictures of the family on it and also a blanket with pictures of the family on it. This was last year's present but I am getting it this year. When they told me they were getting me the blanket because I always use a blanket  in the recliner, I said it would be too precious to use so I would hang it on the wall so they also got a canvas so I could use the blanket. YAY!

Yesterday my mom came over and brought a pizza, some flowers and pumpkins for my outside display. Very nice and thoughtful. Thanks everyone!


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