Lori's Minute

Monday, July 31, 2006

God's sense of humor

As most of my blog readers know, I have a hard time getting a good night's sleep. My dreams are usually frightening, scary, and usually involving kidnappings, death or a destructive weather elements such as several tornadoes or hurricanes, etc. You get the idea.

So, a couple weeks ago after saying my usual prayers I decided to throw in a request ending my prayer with "....a dream about George Clooney wouldn't be bad either."

Now, normally I would not ask for such a thing and if I have, it has never come true. But this night, it did! However, it was not what I was expecting (not sure what I was expecting) but there he was in my dream, wearing a Halloween costume dressed in a dress, wearing makeup and a wig!!!!

Once again I am reminded He answers prayers but not always the way we want him to answer.

Have a good one!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's so hot.....

Since it is supposed to be 100 degrees today, I thought I would do something fun for my commenters. Finish the sentence "It's so hot....." and leave it in the comment section. Do not forget to check back to see what others have writtan. I'll keep it for a couple days until the heat wave is over.

I am sure my commenters will come up with some dandy ones. Send all your friends to leave a comment too. Like the temps, I am going for a record (which means I only need about 15 people) I'll start.

It's so hot......
....my egg came out of the shell already fried!

Have a good one!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Two Regrets

Awhile ago when I did my list of 100 things about me, I mentioned I had two regrets (actually it was three, but I have since thought about it and decided the third one was not really a regret).

Some people say they have no regrets because if they changed it, they would not have learned a lesson. In my case, I do not see either one of these as life-changing events but things where I wished I had the courage to do something different.

One if them is a no-brainer...I got married to a guy I was not in love with when I was 20. I just did not know any better. He wanted to get married and I thought this was the guy I was supposed to be with because he was the only guy I ever dated. But, he was already not treating me nice before the wedding. I think if I would have broke it off before the wedding, I would have learned the same lesson since it was doomed from the start,

The second one happened when I was a senior in high school. Even though I wanted to take art, my parents made me take band because I had been in it so many years. My brother was (still is) two years ahead of me and when he was a senior he played bass guitar for a quartet which included a drummer, a pianist and a flute player. They played a beautiful piece for solo and ensemble (an event where area schools are judged and if they do well, go on to state for more judging). Anyway, everyone raved about their performance. I played the flute and I wanted to play this piece when I became a senior. I practiced my part for two years almost every night. It got to the point where when I was upset or nervous, I would play this piece and it soothed me.

Now fast forward to my senior year. The girl I sit next to in band is also a pianist as well as a flute player. I ask her if she would like to play this piece for the solo and ensemble that spring where she would play piano, I would play the flute and we would get two other people to play the drums and the bass. She is surpised this piece is allowed and says she will get back to me on it.

Later, I find out she is playing the piece as a flute player, and her best friend is playing the piano part! I was so upset I actually decided to quit band all together. Instead of going to my director to see if he could help, I just gave up and quit. He later asked why I was dropping out and I said I had enough credits to graduate and left it at that. I have not played the piece since...it has been over 20 years. I still have my flute and the music sheet and every once in awhile I get the urge to play it again but I have not done it. Perhaps soon, when I am alone and the kids are in school.

I have always regretted not trying harder to play that particular piece and allowing someone else to ruin it for me (same goes for the first marriage).

Family Update: Everyone is fine....HOH and the ten year old are at the indoor football game after watching the Packers first outdoor training practice tonight. Tomorrow we may go see the tall ships (pirate like ships)...there are at least 15 ships!!!!

Have a good one and do not give in, people!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tagged Myself

Not having anything to wtite about, I decided to tag myself.

Things in my closet:
1. Box with baby clothes from my kids I want to keep
2. my flute
3. my wedding dress in a box on the shelf
4. HOH's old t-shirts from his college days
5. christmas wrapping paper

Things in my car (ten years ago when I was actually driving)
1. McDonald's wrappers
2. Underwear in my glovebox which I hastily put there when it fell out of my laundry basket and then my mother found it later when she was looking for a map,
3. John Denver and Neil Diamond cassettes
4. Some old papers and artwork from my college days
5, a first aid kit

Things in my refridgerator
1. lots of diet soda
2. yogurt which we always buy but never eat
3. milk
4. beer for when my brother comes over
5. relish for when my father-in-law visits

Things on/in my nightstand
1. Journal which I have not writtan in since I started blogging
2. Both the kids baby books so I can update them often
3. 2 clock radios, one new one and the other one which I have not put away yet
4. magazines
5. a pencil holder with a photo frame which I have not put in a picture yet (had it at least three years)

Things we found in the couch we are getting rid of:
1. pens and pencils
2. marbles
3. hair ribbon
4. paper plates
5. newspaper ads
(ironically, no change was found).

Things I find in the pockets when doing laundry:
1. Lots of rocks (one kid loves rocks)
2. Fruit roll up wrappers
3. post it notes with computer lingo from HOH's work
4. batteries (all the time)
5. grocery lists

Things under my sink
1. jug for watering plants
2. thermos for when we have a lemonade stand for lemonade
3. bottle of food for when we water the Christmas tree to make it last longer
4. dishwasher detergent
5. Things I am not sure about and do not want to know!

Things in my computer desk armoire
1. Rice Krispie bar wrappers
2. cookie crumbs
3. an empty water mug from the Florida trip
4. a pen holder with no pens, only a scissors
5. a button with my hubby's high school basketball picture we found when packing at the in-laws and I said, "MINE!"

Stay cool and have a good one.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who is Terry Polk?

This is the conversation I had with my daughter today while we were sitting at the table having lunch with Luke.

B: "Boy, Terry Polk is really pretty."

Me: "Terry Polk is really pretty?"

B: "Who is Terry Polk?"

Me: "Isn't that what you just said?"

B;"No, I said, this cherry coke is reslly fizzy."

This is what happens when I do not wear my hearing aids. We all laughed and got a good chuckle out of that one.

Have a good one!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Crazy People

Yesterday while we were out driving when the temperature was 96, I saw at least four people out running....WHAT? They did not even have water bottles. I cannot go walking if it is about 85 so I think these people are crazy.

Tomorrow I am going to help my in-laws pack. It is not often I can do something for them, so I am more than happy to do it. Later in the week, hubby and kids will join me and we will stay in a hotel which we were thinking of doing anyway so it worked out well.

Today it was 102 here in Green Bay according to our car thermometer. Tomorrow it is supposed to be even warmer.

I think I will go out for a run....

Have a good one!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Now it's time for....

...another funny story I read from good old Readers Digest. A woman writes things were hectic at home so she asks her husband to run out for a quart of milk. He goes and comes back empty handed. She asks, " Were they out of milk?" He says, "No, they only had pints."

She then goes on to say he has a PhD in statistics!

ha ha....

Family Update: The ten year old is back from camp but leaves tomorrow for a sleepover at a friends. We are trying to stay cool and we are thinking of putting our extra mattress in the basement since it is nice down there and easier sleeping conditions.

We watched 'Monk' tonight. We are fans of the show since the main character played by Tony Shaloub was raised here and still comes back for family reunions. now I am off to watch 'Letterman'.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Idea of Art

When I was in college, I took a course called, "History of Art" (actually it was two semesters). For a lecture class, I really liked it. My instructor would show about 60 slides, two slides at a time and talk about the artist and so on. Near the end of the semester, she showed slides of other artists versions (renditions) of "The Last Supper". One artist did it using soiled napkins and ketchup.

A guy in my class asked the question, "Why is that considered art? It is so ugly! My dog could do a better job than that!" Rather than blowing a fuse that this guy would be asking this late into the semester, she asked if anyone in the class would like to answer the question. I, who never said a word the entire semester, raised my hand. I think she was surpised but nodded so I answered. "I can understand why you would feel that way, but perhaps the artist intention is not to be beautiful, but to get some other reaction from the viewer. For instance, the first time I saw, "The Scream" I immediately felt horror and sadness and it was then I realized art does not have to be beautiful or to be enjoyed." (Not only that, it was a small black and white photo of it in a book).

I did not know if it was a good answer or not and I figured someone else would add their two cents worth but no one else did and the instructor said, "Well put" and moved on.

So, that is what I would like people who do not get art to understand, it does not need to be beautiful. I see a lot of clothes in stores but I do not like them all. It also does not have to mean something.

Family Update: We went to the camp for the dinner and skit. This year I packed a meal since in years past we had to wait or they were out of food by the time we got there. Bree was in the last group and she had a big part...she did very well. She did not seem nervous at all.

On the way home, my mother was in the back of the van with the five year old. He was talking the whole time. She finally said, 'I think you are exaggerating (sp?) Do you know what than means? It means you are making a bigger deal out of something." So they practiced saying the the word a few times. Then she said, "There you learned a new word. You are a smarty pants" and Luke said, "Oh Grandma, you are exaggerating!"

Guess you had to be there, but it was funny at the time.

Have a good one!

Another Day

After yesterday's post I am anxious to get a new one out. Thanks to all who commented, they did make me feel better and not alone.

Last night we went to my sister-in-laws house to help her move a few items in her house to get it ready for showings. As she and HOH were busy, I took the opportunity to look at the rooms as someone who is looking at the house for the first time and recalling what it was like when she first moved in.

I came to the realization it would be a nice house for a young family. She has one room with old fashion Pooh, a bedroom with faux walls and a nice office room nicely painted. The huge family room looks really nice, too since she just painted it last summer. (I feel like a real estate agent). We plan to go again to help move more stuff when she is ready.

Tonight we are going to Parents night at the camp where my daughter has been attending this week. It is kind of fun....we have a picnic and then the kids put on a skit before we leave them there for an overnight.

Well, I am off to start my day so have a good one!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What a differance a day makes


For those of you who do not like to read complaints I would skip today's post but I have a strong need to get it all out.

Last night we stopped at a restaurant before going grocery shopping. I let my five year old pick out the table while hubby waited and paid for the food(I never have cash on me). Finally, afer walking in circles he picks out a spot which only has three chairs. I assume he and his sister will share this table and hubby and I will share another one. My daughter comes up and says, "Can daddy sit with us?"

I am literally crushed. This always happens and I usually blow it off but this time I was really hurt. I had thought after allowing her to spend a week at her grandparents, having a practically week long birthday where the only chore she had to do was clean her room, having two friends sleepover and now going to camp where I am paying $200 so she can play dodgeball most of the day (huh?) might put me in a better light.

But no...now I am forced to look at my mothering style and what I am doing that is making it so she would rather be with dad than with mom ALL THE TIME!!!! It is true he gets to do all the fun stuff with her...go to the Blizzard games and Lifefest. Yes, I could go but then it is two more people costing twice as much and since I do the bills I know what our financial situation is and I do not want to spend more money if I can save it.

Yeah, I can be irritable and impatient but I also can be funny and put up with a lot of nonsense and flexible about A LOT OF THINGS!!!

So, today I feel like being a baby and I am going to hang out with my son and play with his new Star War characters.
We have been playing with them all morning along with the soldier guys, a plastic shark which continues to try to attack Darth Vader and a yellow balloon which tries to attack occasiionally.(According to my son, we can destroy the ballon by popping it but the mission has been unsuccessful so far_. )

I don't want any comments because I know I am being petty and selfish but I just needed to get it out of my system.

I'll do better and feel better tomorrow.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Favorite Memory of All Time

My favorite memory of all time happened eleven years ago today, the day my daughter was born. I have talked about it before I think, on Mother's Day but it is such a great memory, it bears repeating.

Now, my favorite part was not the moment she was born even though that was a great moment and I even start to cry (I am a non-cryer). It was not the part where I saw my mother holding her first grandchild sitting the in the rocker nor was it when the baby was in the bassinet and my husband walked in and she turned her head when he spoke (pretty good for only being a couple hours old...now we have to yell at her to get her attention but that is another blog).

Anyway, my all time favorite part came at night just as we were going to sleep. The nurses were finally leaving us alone, my husband had to go home and get some sleep and let the dog out and all the visitors had left. Everyone else had seen her with her eyes open but me. I was holding her and wondering how I was going to be as a mother. i had worried about it because of my RP (progressive blindness) and how was I going to do this?

And then, at that precise moment came my favorite memory of all time. I was holding her, she opened one of her eyes and looked up at me as if to say, 'So, you my mom? Cool." She then closed her eyes and went to sleep as if to say everything was the way it should be. And it was.

And all is right with the world.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Under Construction

Well, in Wisconsin you know it is summer when the road construction starts and you cannot get anywhere. You can see where you want to go, but you cannot get there from here.

Dr. John set up my page and now I am having HOH make some changes for me. The only problem is in doing so, he also screwed up his page and he cannot remember his password. (He does not blog often). So, my page is under construction as well.

I finally finished painting the cardboard for VBS(Vacation Bible School). Took most of the night while the five year old ran around the house tearing it apart. I think he is overtired because he was in rare form tonight. He asked me to dress him up like a mummy so I took a roll of toilet paper and wrapped him up. He lasted in it about a minute before tearing it all off and then trying to tape the pieces back together. (This kid loves tape so much we gave him some rolls for his birthday). There never seems to be enough tape but I am glad he is not using glue.

HOH and the ten year old are at Lifefest in Oshkosh, a Christian festival where all the top singers come for the weekend. I always think I am going to go, but decide not to since I am not a fan of crowds and I do not know the music well enough. I guess Summerfest in Milwaukee ends this weekend (a rock festival). I have never been to Summerfest either.

I am thinking about all my blog friends today...Mimi and Kristi and all the military families, my mother and father-in-law who is not feeling well and I am worried and I hope their house sells and they do not go into debt buying one down here. All the artists who have given me tips, all the funny stories by the other stay at home moms. I am wondering how Chana is doing and anxiously awaiting her return.

I guess life is always under construction....

Friday, July 07, 2006

"Who has the biggest brain?"

This morning as I was sitting at the kitchen table half asleep waiting for my daughter and her sleep over friends to wake up, my five year old son asked, "Hey, Mom, let's play 'Who has the biggest brain!'"

"Hun, how do you play?"(Normally I would not ask if it involved a lot of movement but it seemed harmless....)

"Well, if you have the biggest brain, you point to it and you win!"

I am pretty sure I do not have the biggest brain so I do not point so I guess I lost.


This was only a part of my morning, add about 100 other conversations equally as strange and you'll get the idea. I am starting to think I know why people drink...

At least it is Friday...goody, goody, gum drop....

Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We made it!

Everyone was here for the fireworks show and it went very well although my brother-in-law did get hit in the face near his cheek. A couple inches higher and he probably would have lost an eye!

But it was nice to sit with my kids and watch the show. Fireworks have sure come a long way since I was a kid when all we had were sparklers and snakes. (Maybe the fireworks were around then but my family did not buy them....hmmmm...I wonder why?)

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone and say we are all ok....whew!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Who needs fireworks?

For those of you wondering if Dr. John made it to Green Bay, he did. However the hotel he and Betty are staying at does not have internet so he will be coming to my house to post later today (sometime this morning is my guess).

He brought with him some fireworks. Don't get me wrong, I love fireworks as long as I am not responsible. This is a sore point with me because this family has a history of things going wrong with fireworks and last year was no exception. My daughter's birthday is right after the fourth, so HOH(Hunk of Husband) bought some on sale. We then had a fireworks show right next to our house where there is an empty lot.

Things were going well until I heard my brother say to my HOH "Did that just fall over?" and the next thing you know, all the fireworks started going off at once. The air was full of smoke and it was very loud. I was holding on to our golden retriever who was going nuts and my daughter started crying.

There was a car with a group of kids in it that stopped to watch the show and when it was over the driver said to my HOH "Dude, was that supposed to happen?" and HOH and the rest of us chime in "Noooooooo" to which the guy says, "Cool...thanks!" and drives away.

I hope I am able to report a safer outcome tomorrow. I do like fireworks, I really do but I will be glad when it is over.

Be safe!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Time for another top ten list

It is time for another one of my lists. This one is

Top Ten Things I Have Learned from Other Bloggers.

10. There are a lot of cool people with tatoos out there.

9. I am not the only person who has problems with weight, money, family and/or money.

8. It is possible to make a blueberry/grass pie.

7. I can always count on my blogger friends to be supportive no matter how I am feeling.

6. People wil do anything for useless JC points.

5. Turtles are more popular than I thought.

4. My blog friends probably know more about me than my own family.

3. I am not the only person who has a purple door.

2. When my fellows bloggers are happy, I am happy, when they are sad, I am sad, when they are angry, I am angry.

1. You can spend just as much money at an adult store as you can on a couch!