Lori's Minute

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Waiting Game

Today, my husband, daughter and sister-in-law are going to Lambeau Field for draft day. The event starts at one, the draft itself starts at two and since the Packers were in the NFC championship last year, their pick will not be until around seven o'clock next week Thursday.

They will go and wait, shop, spend money, wait some more. Then they will eat, people watch and do some more waiting. Finally, they will search out some poor player who will spend most of his day tomorrow washing off all the drool from their fans, try to get autographs, eat some ice cream on a day we could get some more snow and wait another five hours until the Packers have finally made a selection.

I was trying to think of the last time I waited so long for something to happen....I wait all week to put the garbage out but that is not really a climatic moment. The Kentucky Derby is this weekend which, if I went, would be a similar occassion but at least I would get to dress up and wear a cool hat. (Wearing a jersery and a cheesehead is not the same!).

The closest I can come to it is when we were waiting for the birth of our kids. I recall there was a lot of waiting. Before you know it, they showed up! We did not get to pick one out or decided what gender. There was no magazine to tell us the statistics. I will tell you, we got a couple of first round picks...definetly worth waiting for.

Friday, April 11, 2008


As I was cleaning out the garage last weekend, I came to a conclusion. Having kids does not mean you need a bigger house, it is the STUFF that comes with them!

You need a crib, a portable crib, a changing table, a highchair, a car seat, a thing to put around their head in the car seat, a car seat cover, then a booster seat, a diaper bag, a snugli, an exersaucer, a bassinet for when they are newborns, snowsuits, boots, hats, mittens, warm weather booties and hats and mittens,blankets, sleepers, a nuk, bottles, baby spoons, bibs, sippy cups,diapers, formula, gates, safety doo dads for all the doors and cupboards, a stroller, a jogging stroller, an umbrella stroller...and do not get me started on toys!

When I was a kid, I shared a bed with my brother and my mother brought me home from the hospital by laying my in the back seat of the car...no seat belt, no car seat, just me on a blanket. This is why our parents have more money than us because they did not buy into all that stuff.

Anyway, the garage is a lot cleaner since we donated all the baby stuff.

Monday, April 07, 2008

More conversations

The other day we were watching Survivor and they were showing large crabs crawling all over the beach. My six year old said, "Hey, those look like my snowrunners!" (A snow runner is a creature he made up which is black and yellow and has eight legs, four are long and four are short).

My six year old continued, "Those have eight legs and so does the snowrunner but the snow runner is black and yellow."

I wanted to add to the conversation and say something profound to prove I was listening to him and said, "Ahhh yes, but the crabs live in the sand and your snow runner does not. It lives in snow, right?"

He looked at me quizziclly(sp?) and said, "No, snowrunners do not live anywhere because I made them up, remember?"

"Oh, right" I sighed wondering if I will ever impress him.

Weekend Update: Cleaned the garage, Pete ran a van to Goodwill, one load to the cardboard recycle place and now all we have left is to deliver strollers and carseats to a home for unwed mothers. I have about six bags of garbage to haul out on garbage day plus stuff the doesn't fit in the garbage bag (broken rakes, old brooms, etc.) After that, we watched the Brewers win while also watching Star Wars which was playing on Spike channel. I am starting to enjoy the first trilogy, episodes I, II, and III and embracing all six. (Before I loved only the last three, especially A New Hope).

Sunday we went to church, Pete took the lights off the bushes and raked the front yard while the six year old took a fly swatter and went on a mission to kill all the bugs. I went to the bookstore with a friend. My daughter had a classmate over to work on a science project...looks like they did a pretty good job. Man, it sure is nice to have the internet for school projects! The graphic designer in me wanted to redo parts of their display board but I let it go because it is not my project!

So, a good weekend, good weather, good jobs done!

(Betty , if you read this, I found the measuring cups when I was cleaning the garage!)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Week of Whoo-hoo!!!

It has been good week....the daughter said she was getting an A in math...whoo-hoo! My son got his next belt in martial arts. The master made a special mention by having him come up to the front of the class and tell the rest of the class that he was the most improved student and the hardest worker and he will get a gold medal!! Another whoo-hoo!!! He is the second youngest kid in his class, too.

THe dog's cold is getting better, my friend who just had surgery is doing well and another friend who started a new job had a good week...more whoo-hoo!!!

Oh yeah, spring has sprung....whoo-hoo! I did not have to wear a jacket to walk to school to pick up my son...whoo-hooo!!!

Sat. we are cleaning out the garage and when we are done I will do another whoo-hoo!!!!

I hope you all had a whoo-hoo week....later!