Lori's Minute

Friday, December 10, 2010

We have had the hot tub filled four six days and I have been in it everyday! Thr room itself is pretty much done. The contractor has to come back to seal the grout next week and we also have to see if the minisplit works. So far, with the heated floor and the hot tub, the room does not need heat!

I still need to get a couple chairs and will probably go the wicker route. We also need a storage basket for towels. I was going to make a picture to hang but with the moisture I am rethinking. Perhaps a mural? We will see.

This morning I sat out in the tub and it had snowed. I felt like I was in the mountains, sitting outdoors. I am so happy with the the room.

We have a busy weekend. We have to get a tree, do some shopping and there is a neighborhood Christmas party Sat. night. Sunday is church and then the game of course.

We put together shoe boxes for the shoe box drive. We ended up with five boxes! This is the first year we did it and I think we will do it next year. I am going to try to pick up hats and gloves after the holidays when they are on sale for the boxes next year. We also included shirts. The guys got wallets, small tools, and flashlights. The kids got toys. All got candy, hats, gloves and socks.

Nothing puts my in the holiday mood like giving to someone else.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Checking my last post I see I predicted a 20% chance of the hottub working last week. Well, the electrician did not come until this week. He is still not finished but should be soon. Pete stopped at the hot tub place to see how to run the hot tub.

He came home and we decided to wait until the electrician was ALL done (not mostly done). He tried out the mini split and it did not work. Checking the manual it looked like we did not get the right model number. He thought we got only the cooling unit and not the heating unit which is the main reason we got the mini split. Fast forward to today, and the contractor thinks the heat pump is in the outdoor unit, not the indoor unit which is how these things apprently work. The electrician still has to hook it up so that is why we could not get it to work last night. Whew! I am still not sure if we got the right unit....

Pete is home sick today with some tupe of tummy issue. I hear a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom as he tries to sleep. Poor baby...

Thanksgiving went well...Pat brought more turkey legs, Alex brought a bunch of pies, Mom brought her ham and a bean dish which the dogs got into, and Betty brought rolls. Pennie brought Maggie who was very good and liked to look out the window. (Maggie, not Pennie)

Alex lost his itouch and it ended up being my fault because he had set it ontop of the newspaper ads which I put in the basket not seeing the itouch. Once I found out where he last saw it, I checked the basket with the papers and sure enough, the itouch was in the bottom of the basket...whew!

I did the same thing with my hearing aids. I set them on top of my nightstand (usually I put them in my jewelry box), went to clean off the nightstand later and accidentally threw away the aids! I just happened to need them shortly after and went to check the garbage, which is full, and there they were, sitting on top! "Thank you God!" I said aloud....another whew!

I think this means I am not supposed to throw things away, could it be? No, I need to be more carefull. So hard when one has a hard time seeing.

Luke had a blast playing with his cousins.

A good day.