Lori's Minute

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's working, It's working!

It's been a long time but the blogger is finally working again! My poor husband has had to do all the blecky jobs lately which have included:

Killing all the bugs in the house

Checking the bathtub for ants before we start the water.

Hauling up the extension ladder upstairs for me to paint.

Setting up the lighting so I can paint.

Running to the store to get a new set of lights because the old ones did not work.

Setting up the new lights.

Bringing up the other extension ladder because the first one is too heavy.

Taking me to buy paint for the bedroom, twice, now it looks like it could be a third time because for some reason the tan paint I bought looks pink to everyone but me.

Making lunch for himself and the kids because I am busy painting and repainting.

Fixing the computer in the family room.

Fixing the computer in the basement.

And this was all just this past week.

Well, as I mentioned, I am painting our bedroom which has been all white since we moved in eight years ago. The base coat looks good, it is the cover that is not. I may just keep the base coat and leave it at that. I am also trying to find a headboard since we have not had one of those since we have been married 15 years. I cannot find exactly what I want so that is a problem as well. I am getting frustrated which is making everyone else frustrated with me. We all just want it to be done! So, I am taking a couple days off, breathing slowly, catching up on the housework I have neglected because of all the painting I have been doing (it is a 15 by 15 room with a cathedral ceiling which I also painted).

In other news, the kids are out of school, Breanna went to confirmation camp and liked it but does not want to go back. Luke tested for his green belt in martial arts and passed! We all had dentist appts this past week...whoo-hoo!