Lori's Minute

Friday, April 24, 2009

Had a good day yesterday. Luke's school had family reading night so he and I went. Usually Pete does these things since I don't do crowds well but I was in the mood to go and Pete was not feeling well anyway so it worked out.

I am so proud of Luke. He will be eight in a couple weeks. He was very good at making sure I got around the school with his verbal directions. "Turn left here, watch out for the bale of hay (there was a western theme) or turn right by the door up there." He also noticed when I was looking for him and told me where he was. "I'm right behind you, mom!" I asked him if it was embarrasing for him to have a mom with a white cane and he said "Sometimes." I am glad he did not say "All the time".

He wore a cowboy hat, his jean jacket and a Packer bandana. He looked so cute. We searched for his "Wanted....for Reading" poster. All the kids had their picture on a wanted poster. We found it right next to the Commons.

He bought two books at the book fair...one on Bionicles and the other on bugs. We almost purchased an ISPY computer game but it was too expensive.

They also had a raffle of theme baskets so we put our tickets in a movie basket (Luke saw there were Starburst in that basket), a Mother's Day basket (I saw all the chocolate), a dog basket and a kitchen basket. We did not win.

Then we came home. It was nice to do something with him outside the house, just the two of us.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I did not get to do my trial bus run on Mon. or Tues. because it was raining and snowing at the same time. But today the weather was perfect. I walked Luke to school and then walked another 1/2mile to the bus stop. I got on and asked "$1.50, right?" and the nice lady busdriver said it was only 75 cents for people with disabilities. I got a transfer to the other bus which I would catch at the metro station. Once there I walked all the way to the other end to catch the other bus. I took that bus to the Walgreens (they are all over the place here) and found out there was a stop right in front of the nursing home.

It took an hour to get from the first bus stop to the nursing home. I went to dad's room and told him I took the bus to see him. He said he was glad I was taking the bus now. He even asked me a few questions. Ne was awake until noon and slept until just before I left. I stayed from ten until three because I had to be home by 4:30. As I left I thought I heard dad say something and I popped back in and asked what he said and he said, "Thanks for staying the whole day."
"No problem!" I said with a thumbs up and just made it back to the bus stop at 3:08. That particular bus only comes once an hour so it was important I catch it.

I got home at 4:30. Bree picked up Luke at school. Then she had confirmation class. Luke and I had bagels with cream cheese for supper. I know it is not a meal but it did the trick.

Brewers win!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We had a nice Easter...I got a rainbow of peeps from the Neenah Easter Bunny and they are already all gone. My brother in law cooked and my steak was just right. Pete was my partner for canasta and we did well. It has been a long time since he was my canasta partner because he does not like to play.

My mom made brunch and we got more candy from the Easter Bunny. I also got a plant which I will put in my garden.

I hacked down some more trees and bushes in out yard. It is slowly getting done. We decided we need to call a professional to take down one of our trees. The roots are out of the ground and too close to the house.

My dad is now in hospice. We took the kids to see him Saturday and he was doing well that day. Luke showed him the scorpion he made out of legos and Grandpa played with it. Breanna was a good interpeter since I had a hard time understanding what he was saying. I sent in my next column to the paper for teacher appreciation week. I dedicated the column to my dad since he was a teacher.

This week I found out the bus goes to the nursing home so I will try it out. I have to make a transfer but I studied the map well and it should be fine. I just have to make sure I have enough quarters. Monday will be a practice run because on Wed. I am going to spend the day with dad so he will not be alone.

Brewers finally won and so did the Blizzard.

We had a talk with Luke about his homework...he was rushing and getting sloppy. He did not like being talked to. From now on he has to do his homework before he can get on the computer. I think he will be glad when school is done.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Time for a Luke-ism

The other day Luke and I were watching a reality show about a couple with a lot of little kids. Luke was upset because he heard the mom was taking the kids in for 'headshots'!

I explained to him the kids were getting pictures done not having shots in the head!

Luke is over his cold but Bree has it...was home sick Monday and Tues. but today her cough sounds worse so we may end up taking her in to the doctor...hopefully she will not get a headshot.

I've gone a whole week walking 10,000 steps before noon according to my pedometer. Whoo-hoo.

Last night I spent most of the time painting a panel for church for Good Friday. They have a bunch of five foot panels each with a certain picture done by a member of the congregation. Mine is of when Jesus meets Simon who helps to carry the cross. I only had a couple days to do it but got it done. I may have to do it over because unfortunately I painted Jesus' arms too short and it looks funny. It will have to wait until after Friday but at least it should be better for next year.

I hacked down a bunch of bushes in the backyard and hauled them all to the front for pick up. It was a good job done especially before the bugs come. I still need to do the ones on the side of the house. I usually do not do the ones in front until later in the summer.

My dad is in respite for a week so his caretaker can get a break. We hope to see him tomorrow.